15 September 2015

This and That

Hi everyone, I think this months block may be a little late again.  I am feeling heaps better and in fact am totally the opposite to what I was a couple of weeks ago.  The meds I am on have got me really bursting with energy and my mind is now really racing from one thought to the other, which is making it really difficult to sit still for long enough to do any hand sewing,  hopefully this little side effect will gradually wear off and I will be back to normal speed soon.

Yesterday at work I found it really difficult to concentrate, but today I was on fire and got through what I would probably do in 4 hours in 2, mind you there was no phone interruptions or emails coming through asking me to do something else so that probably helped.  I did tell the boss to make sure he checked everything I did as I felt on fire but wether the work was up to scratch I wasn't too sure.

I went for a walk this evening something I haven't even been able to contemplate for weeks and it was really good to get out into the fresh air and move.

The sewing mojo has returned and I've started cutting a new quilt but can only do it in short bursts.  I still need to cut some more before I start stitching, I really like to have a whole quilt cut before I start stitching.  I haven't really worked out how big the quilt is going to be so I will probably just keep cutting for a bit longer yet.  Would really like to do something big but as I have the attention span of a nat at the moment that probably isn't going to happen.

This is me at the moment fingers crossed everything slows down a bit soon.

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Kate said...

Hope things start to moderate soon. Glad that you are at least feeling better, if not normal. But as Drama Teen says, normal is so boring. Hang in there.