19 May 2016

This Years BOM

I've decided to push back the start of this years BOM till August.  I've only drafted 1 block however the plan for the quilt is pretty much finalised in my head.  The reason is that I want to finish Flowers for Alison and quilt it as I am going to enter it in a comp this year, something I have never done, it isn't a guild show just the Royal Agricultural Show but it is a big step for me way out of my comfort zone.

I'm just over half way through the leaves on the quilt, so the left half of the quilt is looking pretty spectacular.  The problem is my wrist and shoulder are getting really sore with all the stitching, but I am hoping I can keep up the pace so that I can baste the quilt the weekend after next when I have a sewing day with some girlfriends planned.

Here is a picture of the quilt from this morning.  The top half is all finished.  Each corner is quite unique and I love the spontaneity of the design.

Since writing the top part of this post I have been having a think.  Back in 2010 I designed and made a quilt called Bee Inspired it was my first appliqué pattern.  It probably should have been released as a BOM as the pattern is quite large and was quite expensive for the time now most large appliqué patterns sell for $20+  It has never been for for sale in pdf download format.  I haven't decided how many months it would go for minimum 4 probably 6 and will probably end up running simultaneously with the new BOM. This will give me some of the breathing space I need to finish Flowers for Alison.

So what do you think any one interested.  Same conditions as my usual BOM free for a month and then $3 per pattern in my Etsy Shop.


Sandi said...

Love all the additional flowers, leaves and vines on your Allison quilt, it looks spectacular.

Your other quilt is also lovely! Thanks for offering it.

Tante Farrell said...

Good on you Amanda for entering it in the Show. Good Luck. It looks great. Teresa

Kate said...

Absolutely stunning! Flowers for Alison is gorgeous.