27 October 2016

Amazing Girl

I really worried about Mo going to High School this year,  I knew Maestro was more than ready for high school when he went into year 8, but she really didn't want to leave primary school.

But she has flourished and has had straight A's all year.  I came home to a letter from the School today to say that she would be receiving an Award for Excellence at this terms award ceremony which would be above and beyond the subject awards she would be receiving which we were told of last week.

School doesn't come easy for her, she puts in the hard work and studies for every test and puts in effort for every assignment.  She works hard for what she has achieved in her first year at high school and we are immensely proud of her.

Maestro had surgery last week on his elbow, there is a small divit in the joint but the surgeon says that it should scar over and be almost as good as new.   They cleaned out soft tissue damage and he is on the mend and he can move his wrist without pain now.  The surgeon was impressed with the amount of movement he had back in the arm just 8 days out from surgery (it was probably the playstation as that is the only exercise he has been doing for a week).   Keeping him from doing to much for 6 weeks may be an issue but he has been clear to resume riding and light exercise.  No karate till he is given the all clear in January but things are looking up finally.

Block 4 of the Celtic Tree of Life is nearly finished, just critters to add, and maybe I will get a couple of months ahead.  See below the progress.


Kate said...

Congrats to Mo on her awards. It's always special when hard work gets rewarded. Glad that Maestro is doing so much better. Block four is gorgeous. I love to look at applique, but just do not like making it. So I'll just enjoy yours.

Sandi said...

So glad to hear that your sons surgery went so well and already his mobility has increased. What a relief for you all.

Congratulations on your daughters success, what a lovely feather in her cap! Sounds like she is ready for the next step for school.