15 March 2017

Progress Report and a Template

Sorry this block is coming in dribs and drabs, but I am wondering if I am meant to finish it the way I am going.   I did something to my back getting out of the car last night and I'm not sure if sitting or standing is better at this stage the only way I'm not in pain is I lie flat on my back.

I have decided to release the next lot of templates which are the leaves and the critters.  At this stage I don't plan to add any bees but the templates are there if you want to use them.  The plan is for 4 birds, 3 dragonflies, 4 butterflies  (2 different types of butterflies).  Once the block is all complete I will update the instructions with the finishing detail and add the photo of the finished block.

Thank you for your patience.


Quiltsmiles said...

I hope your feeling better nothing worse than an out of whack back.
I absolutely love this Celtic tree quilt top. Is it too late to jump into this QAL? I have Irish roots and love your Celtic knot work trunk. Just fabulous!!!!!!

Kate said...

Oh no, a messed up back is not fun at all. Hopefully you'll recovery from that quickly (or at least get some medication that helps with the pain). Love the Celtic tree top so far. It's lovely.

Sandi said...

Sorry to hear of your back issues, they can be tricky for awhile, take your time and heal.

Love where the block is heading it is looking lovely and very calming.