15 March 2018

Long Weekend and Everyone was a bit sick

We are still without airconditioning, the warm weather last week made us bite the bullet and decide ...  well made my hubby decide I thought it was a no brainer.  The unit was 20 years old 1500 to maybe fix and 3000 for a new one.  It is getting installed on Saturday morning which is going to be another hot one.  Hopefully it will be all done by the day heats up to much.  I can guarantee that that will be the end of the hot weather for the year.

It was a long weekend and everyone of us were a bit under the weather.  The kids and my hubby had Friday off with some bug,  I had an earache but decided work was a safer option than staying home with the rest of them.

Saturday was pretty warm and the house had heated up during the week so Mo, DH and I escaped to the movies and saw Finding Your Feet.  To be honest we were the youngest ones there but it was a fun movie in the way only the Brits can do and we enjoyed ourselves.  Mo wasn’t impressed with the almost sex scene with 2 seventy year olds because that was just gross.  Apparently nobody over 30 should be contemplating sex.  My husband did point out that he turned 40 just after she was born, she just shuddered and walked away.

Row by Row update, the tulip row is going well but not as fast as I would have hoped.  It’s about halfway there.  There is no way 2 rows are happening this month.

I finished one of the Delilah blocks and plan to have it all cut out and in bags ready to stitch when I go for our 6 day sewing retreat in May.

I also made a block board with a couple of features to keep my needles/pins and scissors at hands reach.  There a magnet sewn into a section on the left to hold the tin or just hold needles and pins in place.   I may do a pattern at some point.  One of my friends has already put her hand up for one.  I will have to look into where I can get the interfacing I used, as it was from my bag making stash and I don’t have enough for another one.  T

The next 2 blocks of the pretty circle game arrived yesterday and I plan take them with me next week when I go to Melbourne for work for a couple of day.  Don’t know if I will get anything done but I will have it just in case.

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Kate said...

Hope everyone recovered from their bugs. Being without air conditioning is not fun, we got those really hot summers here too. We'd probably have to check into a hotel as most of our windows don't open (why they don't put windows that open in newer houses I don't know). Your stitching projects are coming along and looking great. Hopefully Saturday will come quickly and you can again enjoy the cool.