19 October 2020

15 Minutes and A Finish

Its been a good week for the challenge 7 out 7.  Work has been quiet which means I haven't had to catch up on too much after our big September.  I talked to the boss today and its probably because he hasn't been absent doing work travel/conferences this time of year so things aren't left until he is around.  Wonder if we can make it a policy in the future.  

I have finished the Blackbird button bag, here is the picture all pretty resting against my antique sewing machine.  The next project is 1 thread over 1 linen thread a bit of a challenge something I probably won't be repeating anytime soon.  

More crochet was done and I managed to work out a decent layout of the colours, playing with my second sampler pack when it arrived.  Still haven't finished the first pack worth of granny squares but I think I will try and get half of it together if I have enough cream.    

Last week of offical classes for school for Mo this week.  She has only one more assignment to hand up for year 12.  We picked up here potters wheel on the weekend, she can still get things fired at school for a few more weeks so she wants to throw some more pots over the next few weeks.  

So how did your week go.  Head to Kate's to see how everyone is traveling.

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Kate said...

It's nice when work is relatively calm. Congrats on all the stitching time and on the button bag finish. Why is it called a button bag? Enjoy your stitching time this week. When is Mo's formal? And congrats to her for finishing year 12.