15 April 2019

15 Minute Challenge Lots of Stitching Going On

Another 7 out of 7 for this week.  There is lots of sewing to do over the next few weeks so I'm hoping for lots more 7 out of 7's in the coming months.

I've made a big effort on this years BOM and given myself a deadline for the kick off to be the first week in July.  

I'm also going to try and get the 9 blocks posted in my Etsy Shop by the beginning so that just leave the final putting it together instructions to go up when the quilt is finished which won't be till later in the year fingers crossed all goes to plan and the wheels don't fall off.

Its school holidays, Maestro is also on a break from Uni but I think he will be working most of it.  Mo has quite a bit going on birthdays, sleepover with her primary school friends and her boyfriend apparently needs to see her a fair bit which she is still negotiating on as it cuts down on her days she can sit in her room and draw in her PJ's.  We also have to fit in her passport application as she is going to Japan with School at the end of the 3rd term.

My Green Tea and Sweet Bean's Month 3 came today so that is on the sewing agenda as well.  I left one of the blocks from last month to wait on the fabric for this month just to mix it up a bit.  And I'm nearly halfway through the appliqué for the border of  Pretty Circle Game.

As you can see lots to get on with so there won't be much excuse for not getting 7 out of 7 done over the next little while.

12 April 2019

2019 BOM

Sneak on over to the Springtime Romance Page to get information of my new BOM hopefully starting in July.  The 9 main blocks are finalised but final setting is just a guide at the moment and won't be revealed until later in the year.  Large border will be along similar line to Flowers for Alison.

Patterns each month will be free for a week and then available from my Etsy Shop.   I'm delving well into the stash for this one and pulling some tula pink, kaffe and some real bright oldy's.  The only think I have bought for the quilt is the background fabric which is black with silver script.  

08 April 2019

15 Minutes Challenge and New BOM Start

This week I cracked the mythical 7 out of 7 again.

It helped that I decided to dive into my next BOM.  I've been messing around with eq and have finished drafting all 9 blocks.  Now the stitching begins.  I haven't quite worked out the setting of the blocks as I want to do pieced sashing.

I'm using the back basting method of appliqué which I did a class on earlier this year.  I wasn't sure how it would go as I had my heart set on using  a black background and I was concerned with marking the pattern.  However I found a white Karisma marking pencil which is virtually impossible to rub off and is perfect for marking the back of the block.  My next concern was  that I wouldn't be able to follow the stitching line to turn the fabric under but all seems to be working out pretty well on the first block so it is full steam ahead.

All the blocks are uniform size and I think I will be doing a big applique border round the finished quilt but that is all a work in progress at the moment and will mean a few more hours at EQ to finalise the finish.

I've also stitched a few more semicircles on the borders for pretty circle game.

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01 April 2019

15 Minute Challenge Row by Row swap and A Finish

Well the 7 out of 7 didn't last and this week's total was only 6/7.  I did work way more than 15 minutes each day and have spent a lot of time designing a new BOM.  Two blocks left to draft and then I can get sewing.

Going to try back basting this one hopefully all will go smoothly.

Row by Row swaps today.  So if you are waiting on the next pattern to be discounted head to my etsy shop.  This row is my favourite row.

And the finish.  Last weeks class project is all sewn up.

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25 March 2019

Class Work and 15 minute challenge

Well I did it this week I managed 7 out of 7 for 15 minutes.  It was truly a wonder as I was pretty stressed out at work but I think the stitching at night helped.

Friday night I did a class with Kellie from Don't Look Now, who runs Cutting Cloth in Victoria.  She was over for the Craft Fair and offered Lorraine at Hetties a couple of classes.  Many years ago I did a class with Kellie so I knew what to expect.  Had a lovely evening, catching up with a friend who I haven't seen in a few year and working on a zipper pouch front.  Its  combines raw edge appliqué and a bit of free motion quilting/thread painting to create the design.

It was a fun night and I loved the finished piece.  Just have to make the pouch now.  I bought a cute zipper at the Quilt and Craft Fair to finish it off.

Hopefully I will have it finished for next weeks round up.

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18 March 2019

Road Trip and 15 Minute Challenge

Hubby and I traveled to Port Augusta on the weekend for an engagement party.    It is great when you can just leave and the kids are old enough to fend for themselves.  We had a good time, made plenty of stops on the way, had a lovely dinner at the local pub and had some fun at the engagement party and got back to the hotel not too late and not to drunk that we were hungover in the morning and headed back home.  It was a 600Km round trip.

There isn't a lot to see between Adelaide and Port Augusta but dry paddocks, scrub, the start of the Flinders ranges and miles of wind turbines.

Stitching this week hasn't been too bad and I've managed 6/7.  The next month of Green Tea and Sweet Beans has been delivered and I managed to finish 3 of the 4 blocks as well as work on a few more circles of Fleur.  

Want to join in and check out how everyone went this week head to Kate's page.


11 March 2019

15 Minute Challenge WE 10/3/2019

This week was on 5/7 though the days I did sew I did way over 15 minutes so it more than evened out.

Had dinner with the girls for birthday catchup on Friday night (no Sewing) and I think Tuesday was a no sew.  Haven't kept up with my creative journal this week.

Did get a lot of sewing related goodies for birthday.  A Sewing Bible for dressmaking with lots a lots of how to guidancem Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Pins,Thread Cutterz, some Liberty fabric, and a few other goods that you can see.

The pin cushion I made from the book Pin Pals.  It didn't turn out the perfect circle I don't know if that was my imperfect stuffing technique or not following the trimming instructions correctly.

 I finished the Valise Bag this weekend which Mo wants to use as an overnight bag.

And finished putting the blocks together for pretty circle game.  I haven't started on the border yet.