17 September 2018

Hate September

September is our busiest month at work.  Pattern writing has taken a back seat.  I have continued to quilt the Row by Row quilt and there are 3 more big rows to do background stitching on and then I will be adding texture to the appliqué.

I was up to date on the Pretty Circle Game blocks until the next package arrived this week.  But I think I get brownie points for keeping pretty much up to date on this one.

I've also been hand quilting  my Spring Fever Quilt and I'm down to the last 3 blocks to quilt.  I've decided hand quilting is really not for me again.

The kids are off to Kangaroo Island next week for a School camp to use the Drones in the wild so for 4 days we will be teenagerless can't imagine what we will do with all that extra time that I don't have to be a Mum Taxi... Knowing my luck but my husband and I will be working late.

02 September 2018

More Hand Stitching & Pattern Writing

The last couple of weeks I have been catching up with Pretty Circle Game.  I have finished 2 more blocks and have a 3rd cut ready to stitch and I will be up to date.  There is only 3 more months to go I think with 3 more blocks and then block surrounds and borders to go.  This is the first BOM (someone elses) in a long time that I have managed to keep up to date with.

Patterns for Rows 1, 2 and 3 are now for sale in my Esty shop.  Row 1 is discounted until 30 September, Row 2 is discounted from 1 October, and Row 3 from 1 November.

I'm currently quilting the quilt and testing out a new poly batting which I am finding very much to my liking.  It is Double Request Quilter Dream Poly.  It is very low loft and even with heavy machine quilting its drape is still soft.

The school year is zooming through, both the kids go on a school camp in a couple of weeks to Kangaroo Island as part of there Drone Project.  Maestro is unsure if he should go as a major assignment is due the same week and so far the teacher hasn't been very accomodating when he has needed time for the Drone project (even though we were promised that this would be the case when he signed up) so we are unsure if he can go.  But the work experience of flying a drone and doing actual tasks that drones are able to do in real life situations will be invaluable.

18 August 2018

Pattern Writing and Pretty Circle Game

I hope to finish writing the Village row this weekend and post the pattern.  This will be discounted from 1 October.

I really enjoyed this row, lots of straight lines but the house are a bit quirky and probably wouldn't meet proper building standards.  The trees on the other hand are perfectly trimmed topiaries.

I'd like to thank those of you have purchased the first row.  It was a bit of a leap of faith when I offer the patterns for sale this year once again thank you.  I hope you enjoy making this fun quilt.

This week I have be trying to catch up on Pretty Circle Game.  

12 August 2018

First Row by Row BOM is now available for download

The first row pattern is now available from my Etsy site.  I know it is no longer a free BOM but I hope that you still join the pattern will be discounted for the 1 month (a little longer for the first month to get the ball rolling.  The price for Row 1 is $1au ($1.10 if GST is applicable) on the 1st of October it will go up to $3au ($3.30 if GST is applicable).

I am hoping to get the rest of the row up for sale on my Esty site in the next few weeks.  These will be at the full price until it is their month.  

The BOM will run for 9 months with the final month including all the 3 pieced rows and final requirements for backing and binding.  

10 August 2018

Fun Relaxing Workshop and Row by Row Finish

I haven't done a workshop for a while and a few months ago Hetties advertised Judy Newman so I thought I'd put my name down.  I hadn't done a class with her but my two co-conspirators had and had a couple of her patterns started.  

It was a lovely weekend of looking at quilts and learning tips to do with hand piecing.  Judy is a very easy going relaxed teacher, and I enjoyed the class even though she did insist on stitching a row of my block and choosing some of my fabrics.   I know a lot of students are happy for the teacher to stitch their block but I find it very hard to do that as I find that I learn better by doing.  

I ended up purchasing a few of her templates so that I could start stitching. I think I may do Mayfair first (block above) the blocks are quite large and there are only 16 in the quilt.  Although this block took me the better part of a day to stitch I think the rest won't take nearly as long.  

Yesterday I finished putting together the row by row.  I hope to have the first few patterns loaded by next week if possible.  It has turned out a bit larger than anticipated.  It fits comfortably on a king single with plenty of length to fold over the pillow.  If you don't want the extra length you could always remove 1 of the rows if you want to shorten it, or take out the pieced rows.  Next week I'll get batting and start quilting.

It is going to be wild and woolly this weekend so I am thinking it is going to be perfect weather to start pattern writing.  

26 July 2018

A bit absent

Can't believe it is nearly a month since I last posted.  The row by row is nearly finished.  On the weekend the final appliqué row was completed and I am already more than halfway through stitching the fans for the final fan row.

Today I started working through the pattern writing.  Mid way through August with any luck I should be able to get patterns posted in my etsy shop and start the first row of the month.  I was going to do a border but I think the finished quilt is going to be slightly bigger than I first anticipated so it probably won't happen but will leave the final decision once all the rows are together and see how it looks.

I have 2 other quilts needing to be quilted but I think that this one will be bumped to the top for now.

There was also 2 sew it together bags stitched in the last couple of weeks.  The first one turned out better than the 2nd one which Mo wanted as a pencil case.  The only reason it wasn't as good was that  I rushed it because I didn't realise she wanted it for start of school and she told me Sunday lunchtime.

The kids have had school holidays and I got a couple of extra days off because I really needed some down time.  My stress levels have come down to an almost normal level now and I feel a bit more in control.

Mo has got another part time job, this time at a Fruit and Veg shop.  The first couple of weeks her anxiety really kicked in but now she is handling it better.  We go for a walk with the dog before her shift and she can download (talk my ear off for an our) and it helps her deal with the anxiety.  

Maesto's part time job took a turn last week when the manager failed  to tell him had a shift (even though he checked with her twice and he had been promised 2) the owner rang him when we were at the movies asking where he was.  He got no shifts this week even though it wasn't his fault.  He's had 2 jobs in hospitality and I really think it is a shitty industry to work in.

Catch you next time.

28 June 2018

Slow Going

2nd to last appliqué row is finished and today I’ve finished cutting out the appliqué flowers for the final appliqué row.  

Work has been a bit of a nightmare for the last 6 weeks which is probably a bit of understatement.  The job is stressing me out, and for the past 4 months it has started to affect me health.  It has meant that I haven’t been able to sew as much as I have wanted to as I am just so tired when I get home.

I’ve been really looking forward to this final appliqué row, its my favourite of the whole quilt.  So I’m thinking this row won’t take too long.  Fingers crossed that work lets me get this done.