28 June 2018

Slow Going

2nd to last appliqué row is finished and today I’ve finished cutting out the appliqué flowers for the final appliqué row.  

Work has been a bit of a nightmare for the last 6 weeks which is probably a bit of understatement.  The job is stressing me out, and for the past 4 months it has started to affect me health.  It has meant that I haven’t been able to sew as much as I have wanted to as I am just so tired when I get home.

I’ve been really looking forward to this final appliqué row, its my favourite of the whole quilt.  So I’m thinking this row won’t take too long.  Fingers crossed that work lets me get this done.

06 June 2018

Holiday is over and the cold reality of going back to work has hit home

 I been back just over a week and I really loved my time away but getting back to work has been hard and pretty unforgiving.  But first to the end of our holiday.

It was wonderful I came back revitalised and with all my sewing mojo ramped up.  Here are the hand pieced blocks I managed.

3 are from pretty circle game, 1 is Glitter which I am going to be doing in red creams and blues.  And 1 is a delilah block.

I also half basted a quilt but gave up because the table top wouldn't allow me to stretch the backing sufficiently for machine quilting,  so I will either start again finish basting the 2nd half.

We ate out most nights.  Sewed every day and plan to do it again next year. There are a couple of things we might do differently (like not bring so much food).  But we had such a great time, we all had our own space to relax in if we needed a break and I don't think anyone got anyones nerves at all.

Since returning to work it has been crazy.  My boss heads overseas for a month today and I’ve been working lots of hours to get the majority of Junes and half of July’s work done.  It’s done now and I feel less stressed but it kinda took the fun out of the holiday.  The work stress is starting to affect my health so there is going to be some reavaluating in the coming months.

I did reach 10 years the other week with the company and I was given a very expensive watch which is beautiful, but it has just made all the above that much harder as now I feel guilty about needing to rethink things.

20 May 2018

Halfway Point the Getaway

We are halfway through our sewing retreat getaway.  Were we are staying is very quiet this time of year but we a close enough to restaurants and shops if we need to be go out.  The house is perfect for our needs there is an island bench for all important fabric cutting (and occasionally food prep) and a big long table that we can spread out on when we need to and the lounge is lovely to sit in an sew in from of the TV watching a movie or royal wedding.

We’ve sewed A LOT I think yesterday I stitched from 7.30am  until 10.30 pm with breaks for shower, food and the Royal Wedding.

My plan was to work on a different project each day.

Row by Row

Friday was my row by row. I finished the resew of the florist shop row and stitched the rows so far together.  It’s looking good.  3 more rows to go and there is no way it will be finished by June, but hey that’s fine.  The real job has been really hitting hard lately and some nights I just can’t bring myself to sew.  I’ll finish the rows when I can and then we will get the patterns up.

Pretty Circle Game

I was a bit behind on Circle Game having not finished last months block with all my row by row renewing that needed to be done but I am almost up to date now.  The 2nd block from this month is about halfway together.

Plan for Today

Well today I might start a new project and then maybe move on to Delilah.  I packed some fabrics for Glitter (another Jen Kingwell’s design and I might just cut a few blocks out.  I admit to having a couple of Jen Kingwell’s quilts at this stage.  I just cut a few blocks when I feel like it and will then gradually stitch them together.  Florence is in a similar state as is Daisy Do.  There is no requirement for these quilts to be finished they will just be waiting when I want to start stitching them.  These are pretty much 1 block quilts which I think is perfect for this style of slow stitching.

07 May 2018

Girls Getaway

This time last year over a sewing day, 3 girls made a plan to do a sewing road trip to celebrate 2 of us reaching 0 milestones.  Mainly due to my work being nuts and having no backup whatsoever and needing to fit in with everyone else’s family commitments (including my own) the extravaganza has been whittled down to 5 nights down the Coast extending a weekend.

I’ve started narrowing down (well trying to) the projects I’m going to take.  I’m sure I will weaken and decide to take more over the next week and a bit but I’m trying to stick to 4.  As it is there is going to be more sewing stuff than food and clothing going into the car.  They tried to tempt me with a joint project but I was strong.  I really don’t need to start anything new at this stage.

Sue has sent a list of food places to eat and I don’t think we have enough meals to fit them all in.  Someone mentioned taking DVD’s just in case TV is crap as I don’t watch much free to air TV that is a distinct possibility.  My Kindle is stacked with books and I must remember to put in my bluetooth headphones in case I need to listen to some books.

I just got my latest stash builder bundle from Amitie so that has been added to the pile to take.

The projects are:

  • Start Golden Days  all the backgrounds selected and I should eI casily get through the first two blocks to catch up.  
  • Month 5 of Pretty Circle game is all cut out ready to stitch.  
  • Row by Row - I have to restitch one more row this week o I can get the bottom 2/3’s of the quilt stitched together.  
  • The first 5 months of Delilah is cut in prep for hand stitching.  
  • Last Years BOM is going so I can baste it.

I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to going and getting away from work which is really getting to me at the moment.  I need to distress just have to get through 6 weeks work in 2 week over the next little while.    

27 April 2018

Term Ends

I think I’ve found a way to blog post from my Ipad.  Well I thought I did however the blog post I have been working on just disappeared from the blog so maybe I haven’t. Fingers crossed this one might stay put.   Scrap that this afternoon it decided that I couldn't add pictures from my ipad so it isn't working.

We are just about at the end of the school holidays.  It has been a good break though I haven’t had much time off and neither has hubby but the kids have slept in (Maestro) and relaxed (Mo).  In the last week of school they both did exams for their drone pilot’s license and they both pass well.

secret squirrel project
The big clean up is pretty much finished I have 7 boxes of books, fabric, blocks and quilt tops to go to a local patchwork group to use for charity quilts.  But I don’t think we will be doing the room shuffle for a while as there are some logistics still to do to move and internet connection out to the room.  So I still have my sewing room but it is a lot more organised and once I get rid of the boxes I will have more room to move around in there.

Yesterday I started working on the pieced rows for the row by row.  It all ended in a bit of disaster first is stitched the blocks incorrectly then I realised I miscalculated the block size but I think it will be ok, I just need to have a part block at the end.  I also found that one of the appliqué blocks is too long and I will have to unpick it.

disaster block

11 April 2018

The Big Clean Up Continues and Hard Life Lessons

A bit of sewing is happening but still lots and lots of clean up.  The sorting has finished at least but we aren’t ready to do the big swap yet so I’m moving what I am keeping back into the cupboards that will be used when I do move and keeping the other cupboards empty.

Pretty Circle Game
Pretty Circle Game

Applique Row Prep

I’ve just about managed to get all the spare tubs of fabric in cupboard storage now which is a big bonus.  I have about 6 boxes of stuff to donate which I want to get tidy before sending out to charity.  All the rubbish and recycling is just about taken care of I’m feeling good about it.

And to the Life Lesson.  Maestro is learning to drive he isn’t a risk taker and at the moment he isn’t driving in heavy traffic.  One of his mates got a motorcycle license, this particular mate also has had a couple of accidents while riding his push bike due to inattention.  After having this mate tailgate me up the road after school one day, I made the comment that he was an accident waiting to happen.  Said accident happened on Friday.  The mate had already lost his licence from speeding but apparently didn’t have to hand it in till this week.  On the way to work on his motorcycle the other night he lost control around the corner from his house and hit a stobbie pole (electricity pole).

Maestro is at the moment visiting him yesterday in hospital, 2 broken femur, 1 leg has a broken kneecap and 1 or both bones in his lower leg are snapped and a shattered elbow.  He spent all of Sunday in surgery.  Maestro still has trouble with his elbow, but it was his left arm so not his dominant arm and it was cracked.  The Mate’s right elbow is a jigsaw and the x-ray’s for the leg breaks are just plain scary.  Maestro said he’s on all the drugs at the moment which I think is probably a blessing and he said made for interesting conversations.

Maestro has made light of it but I think it has really rocked him.  I know his mate is up for months of rehab and hopefully full recovery something tells me he is in for a long uphill battle to get there.
The size difference always cracks me up. 

Sometimes you just have to sneak a photo.

28 March 2018

The Great Clean Up of 2018

There was a change of scenery last week.  I headed to Melbourne for work.   I was pretty tired when I got home the couple of days were pretty full on but I think we achieved a lot and it was good to network with people in similar positions as myself from around the country.

Over the past several months we have had many discussions about and with Maestro regarding his gaming.  Mainly his noisy gaming late into the night.  Maestro has a very deep loud voice which he can't seem to control with noise cancelling headphones on.  I guess these days gaming is a team sport and he interacts with his online friends, via skype and other technology.

Strangely enough most of the regular guys he games with are from Adelaide a couple are friends IRL but then there is a plumber and an engineer that he has never met, but probably interacts with every other day.  These interactions are noisy, with a lot of profanity and laughing so at least we know he is enjoying himself the only problem is we like to sleep, Mo especially needs to be able to sleep well in order to be a functioning human being.

We have decided to move Maestro out into my sewing room which is detached from the house.  But that means moving my sewing room into the house.  Its a mess 20 years in the making and it is a big big job.

The last 2 weekends Mo and I have been sorting stuff.  I have far to many projects past and present.  Luckily a local quilt group are happy to take my unwanted quilt tops and fabric to make charity quilts.  I will also be throwing in a few patterns and I've promised some magazines to people.

I need to reduce my storage by a couple of cupboards to fit into Mo's room, though she hasn't decided that she wants to move into Maestro's room. I've told her she doesn't have to make her decision straight away as I can move into his room and move to hers later if she wants all the hard work would have been done by then.

I spent a few good hours on the weekend sorting some of my stash that was stored in project bags, mainly on the floor of my sewing room and I've just finished sorting and culling my fabric cupboard the result is to the right.  I think the stash from the tubs will probably fit in the cupboard now.  Still have more stuff in the gym to sort and then I'll be working on my bookshelves.

I went to the Dr's on Monday as I my left index finger has been getting stiff lately, then last week I notice it hurt when I drove and put pressure on it.  Sunday night I found a hard lump in the joint.    I have to have Xrays and Ultrasound to confirm the nature of the lump (Dr suspects a ganglion) but it will probably need surgery so I have that to look forward to in the near future.  I don't think it is something I am going to be able to put off as it is pretty painful when I drive, luckily I am very right handed so it probably isn't going to slow me down too much.  Exhaustion from the Great Clean up has though for a change I am sleeping better than usual.

Easter sees me tackle this and my other book case behind the door.