05 October 2015

Footprints in the Sand on Etsy

I've loaded Footprints in the Sand into my Etsy shop.  So if you missed Handmade and you liked the pattern you can still get it.

03 October 2015

Getting Lost In - Music and Books

When I got my new phone at Christmas I also got Spotify for free.  I actually forgot about it after the first month but the last couple of months I have been making up for it and listening to a lot of music and discovering new bands as well as a few older favourites.  Its been really good because the last few months I have really just wanted to shut the world out and that is really easy to do when you put the ear plugs in.

I can tolerate the world a bit more the last couple of weeks but its good to be able to sneak back into my world again when I need to.

So who am I listening to.

Mumford and Sons - have loved them for a number of years and have a couple of their CD's loving the fact that all their live stuff is on Spotify as well as their new album.  English Band with a country feel, lots of banjo and great great lyrics.  Little Lion Man has been my husbands ring tone for ever, mainly because they Say it is "all my fault" which he never admits too it makes me laugh.

Laura Marling - Loved her for a while too - English again with country feel and a great great voice

First Aid Kit - 2 Swedish ladies with a definitely country feel  - I think there is a pattern happening here.

Of Monsters and Men - Icelandic Band - great sound

The ChVrches - just started listening to these guys.

Florence and the Machine - have loved them for a while too, love the new album, not listing to her older work at the moment - she talks about depression a bit too much which is a bit to close to home, i will come back to them though.  You've Got the Love is my Ring tone for everyone else

The Rubens - Love the new Album Hoops.

The other thing that has kept me occupied is reading, I haven't read a lot in recent years as I tend to binge read but recently I have been reading a lot of chit lit and romance novels and I am really not in the mood for anything too heavy.  I've always been a bit of a scifi/fantasy kind of girl, I then moved on to classics, and murder mysteries but I have been really enjoying some Modern Adult Romance novels recently which have been a bit of escape and are easy to read in an all night sitting if I want to.

So the authors I have discovered, who are they.    Favourite at the moment is:

Penny Reid.  Her Knitting in the City Series is really fun as well as the Winston Brother's Series with the first book just out, then there is Her Hypothesis Series as well and there is another series she has written with LH Cosway Rugby Series.

Then I went on to LH Cosway's novels and went through all her books.

Then I moved on to Gretchen Galway reading all her Oakland Hill Books, I read one of her earlier works and didn't like it.

The last few days I have been reading novels by Julie Johnson, which I have been enjoying as well.

In between I've found a few cheap romances on amazon kindle and some free books as well to just try out an author.

Well that was a big download hope you enjoyed the run down of a few of my favourite things at the moment.

01 October 2015

Block 4 is ready to download

Block 3 will remain up for another 3 days.  But Block 4 is ready to download from the BOM page.

25 September 2015

Block 4 is coming

I'm feeling much better and block 4 came together this week.  Here is a sneak peak, I have to work on the border blocks over the weekend, my design on EQ had a checkerboard around this block but it just doesn't seem to go with the overall design so I will try something different this weekend and see how it goes.

I have also purchased for the border of the quilt a black background script which might look terrible but in my head at the moment it gives the quilt striking definition, there will probably be appliqué on this imaginary border.

In a couple of weeks we are heading away to the sunshine for a few days, though Adelaide is showing signs of spring and there have been more good days than bad.  Which means block 5 probably needs to be started now so if you follow me on instagram you will see some progress shots.

15 September 2015

This and That

Hi everyone, I think this months block may be a little late again.  I am feeling heaps better and in fact am totally the opposite to what I was a couple of weeks ago.  The meds I am on have got me really bursting with energy and my mind is now really racing from one thought to the other, which is making it really difficult to sit still for long enough to do any hand sewing,  hopefully this little side effect will gradually wear off and I will be back to normal speed soon.

Yesterday at work I found it really difficult to concentrate, but today I was on fire and got through what I would probably do in 4 hours in 2, mind you there was no phone interruptions or emails coming through asking me to do something else so that probably helped.  I did tell the boss to make sure he checked everything I did as I felt on fire but wether the work was up to scratch I wasn't too sure.

I went for a walk this evening something I haven't even been able to contemplate for weeks and it was really good to get out into the fresh air and move.

The sewing mojo has returned and I've started cutting a new quilt but can only do it in short bursts.  I still need to cut some more before I start stitching, I really like to have a whole quilt cut before I start stitching.  I haven't really worked out how big the quilt is going to be so I will probably just keep cutting for a bit longer yet.  Would really like to do something big but as I have the attention span of a nat at the moment that probably isn't going to happen.

This is me at the moment fingers crossed everything slows down a bit soon.

03 September 2015

Flowers for Alison Block 3 Tulip Bowl

Once again sorry for the delay, I've been a little bit out of it this week.  Make sure if you feel some of the instructions are not quite right let me know and make some adjustments.

This month we have the Tulip Bowl which is so cute I love it and 4 Contrary Wife Blocks (which is probably apt because I am sure my hubby thinks I am a Contrary Wife at the moment :)).  As you can see they go together to form a secondary pattern.  

31 August 2015

Pattern is going to be a little late

I'll try and finish pattern tomorrow but just can't get my head around it tonight. 
Sorry everyone, Dr has put me on some medication that has got a few side effects, fingers crossed they settle down later in the week.  I promise to leave this months block up the extra days next month.  Once again sorry.

Here are all the blocks how they should appear in the finished quilt.  There are 4 corner blocks to go and a few more filler blocks to make but I think it is taking shape.