22 January 2015

Nose to the Grindstone

Are the holidays over yet.... not that I am really counting the days... who am I kidding of course I am counting the days.  When the hell are they going back to school and DH going back to work.  I want some routine and my Thursday back to myself so I can do the stuff I want to do...need to do.   It 4 pm 6.30pm and I have just got back to my magazine project (we went out for an early tea), I have hours and hours of work to do on it and its just not happening.  I'm going to have to just shut myself away over the long weekend and get to it.  

Today Squid needed to use her gift cards that she got for her birthday so a morning at the shops was actually morning and most of the afternoon.  At least we also managed to get her some shoes for school that she was happy with.

Shoe shopping with Squid is a nightmare of epic proportions.  She hates it when they do up the shoes for her because they do it too tight and she really hates being bothered by sales assistants she likes to just decide by herself.  Of course I had a voucher for Athletes Foot and they are always all over you like a rash.  I think we've only managed to buy one pair of shoes for her there and today wasn't it.  Luckily on the way out of the shopping centre we looked in the Nike  shop and they had her size on display so she was able to try it on before the shop assistant came over to "help us" and she was able to decide with little interference from the assistant that the shoes were perfect.

I think the pebble quilting for the magazine project is just perfect for the overall design, you will understand when the project is revealed.

How are your Chocolate Marshmallow Samplers going? if you Instagram your block use the hashtag #ChocolateMarshmallowSampler so we can all see them.

This week I signed up for the I Quilt Sugar 8 week Detox.  I have managed to cut out a lot of the sugar in my diet over the last 6 months but I need to be more organised and add more vegetables to my diet.  I have the first week menu plan and it's all pretty doable I have most of the ingredients already in the pantry just have to add more of the green stuff (though apparently you need to eat 4 avocardos... yuck might struggle with that).    Catch you next week with fingers crossed lots of progress.

15 January 2015

Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler Blocks 9 and 10

Well here are the second to last set of blocks a little bit late but not quite as late as I was expecting.  I will give you an extra 24 hours on the end anyhow.

Block 9 is based on the Whirlpool block and I show you another way to create flying geese units with no waste.

Block 10 is based on the Yankee Puzzle Block.

Both these blocks are relatively simple to put together.  I hope you enjoy and come back next month for the final block instalment.

Find Block 9 and 10 here

13 January 2015

Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler

I think the Sampler is going to be 24 hours late this month.  Sorry everyone promise I will give you an extra day at the other end.

My excuses are: it's the first week back at work, I have a birthday party to arrange,  a quilt top to finish this week as well as edit the instructions for the blocks which I have only just finished writing (nothing like leaving it to the last minute).

05 January 2015

First Finish for the Year

I've been busy the last week or so since Christmas.  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you would probably seen my progress over that time.  As usual I always underestimate how long these things will take and I also got a bit enthusiastic about the quilting while watching/listening as I sewed some Crafty classes by Angela Walters on machine quilting.

Initially I was just going to stipple allover and then I had a play and decided I would incorporate a few different patterns which probably would have been alright if I had made those patterns a bit bigger but I tend to do small patterns more easily.  So 2 spools of Aurifil thread later and quite a few hours at the machine the first quilt for 2015 is finished.

The fabric is Tula Pink's Moon Shine with a couple of other fabrics thrown in.  

I will be teaching this quilt at Patchwork by Sea this year.  The class is the Beginners Skill Builder Class and it follows on straight from the Beginners Class each term for the first 3 terms of the year.    The idea being that students complete a simple quilt from start to finish in the Beginners Class and then move on to this class which teaches more techniques that allow students to complete more complicated blocks.  Each week students will learn a new technique and then they will have 2 blocks to complete that use that use that technique.  In the final week we will look at different ways to set the blocks into a quilt and change the fabric placement so that the block looks different.  

I am really excited about teaching this class as most of the students last year wanted more at the end of the Beginners Class and I think this quilt will tick all the right boxes.  

26 December 2014

A Lovely Christmas

I think this year was the most relaxed I've ever been at Christmas, my present shopping was completed before I headed to Melbourne and I did the food shopping on Sunday and there were just a couple of last minute things I picked up on Tuesday evening.  The tip is to go around 5.30 when people are still coming home from work and I'm convince there is a mental thing to head out after tea, it was still busy but there were plenty of parks.

The Melbourne trip was a bit different this year, I decided I wasn't going to rush around shopping the next day.  Our Head Office moved into the city this year and the boss picked me up from the hotel and we went into look at the new accommodation.  They have spectacular views of the city, the Yarra, Fed Square, Rod Laver Arena and if only they removed that big building in front of it the MCG.

I went to luccello on the way to the hotel on Friday and purchased a couple of Christmas Decorations and some Valdani thread.  The shop has changed over the years and I think there is less vintage and more fabric now which is a shame.

Saturday I headed to the Aquarium and spent a couple of hours looking at the fish and then walked to the DFO just for some window shopping and then off to the airport and home.

I worked from home Christmas Eve and I was able to do quite a bit of prep work and just really chilled out and got up early Christmas day to put the turkey in the oven.

DH got a Webber Q for Christmas, he had no clue.  We talked about it this morning and he couldn't figure out when I purchased it and when I told him November he couldn't believe that the kids had kept their mouth shut for so long and how it had managed to be kept under wraps at my MIL as he had been in and out of the hiding place a dozen times.   I'm just glad that we weren't relying on it for  cooking Christmas day as it took him most of the morning to put it together.

The Turkey was perfect again this year, thanks to the moister plus setting on my oven,  but I did manage to over cook the dinner rolls for the 2nd year in a row.

I got a new phone for Christmas which arrived Christmas Eve and a couple of T2 gifts, a small ice tea jug and a tea flask which is amazing (keeps tea piping hot for about 3 hours) and the kids got more than enough to keep them busy for the holidays and beyond.

I'm off from work until the 12th and I have 3 quilts to finish.  I plan to allocate a couple of hours each day to get those done.    But today I need to head out to the sewing room and see if I can find that sewing table because I dumbed a heap of stuff there to get it out of the way yesterday.  Catch you soon and have a lovely break for the holidays.

20 December 2014

15 minute challenge - mid month review

The first half of the month has been very good for stitching.  There were a few hiccups in waiting for my favourite background fabric - Emma Louise but it arrived and I got to stitching the first of my quilts that needs to be finished by first week in January.

While I was waiting I also got started on putting together the chock sampler.  Though I have block placement decided and the sashing all cut putting it together stopped for the piecing of the skill builder sampler.  That quilt is all together and I just have to add top and bottom sashing. And one small border and it's ready for quilting.

I'm currently in Melbourne for yearly xmas party for work, got to say not feeling all that fabulous this morning it was a big one this year.  I left about 10pm and there was others still going (the festivities started at 12)  Plan to head out to the aquarium and watch some fish instead of hitting the shops and just have a chill day.

Sorry no pictures as I can't work it out on the iPad catch you soon

15 December 2014

Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler Blocks 7 & 8

How are the blocks going?  I've been busy working on a new sampler to teach next year.  That quilt top is nearly finished and I'll post picture in a couple of days.

I hope to get back to putting Choccy Sampler together soon but you can't see that for a couple of months yet.  However, now you are a little bit closer because today I am unveiling blocks 7 and 8 so there are on four more to go after this.

We are doing some more connector corners this month and using that nifty method of creating pinwheel blocks again that I showed you in month 2.