11 November 2007

Christmas Pageant 2007

We were up really early yesterday to head to town for the Christmas Pageant. We caught the train and as we are the second to last stop before the trains heads back to town we took the trip down to the last stop which was lucky because there weren't many seats after the hoards got on at the last stop. By the time we reached Woodville station it was like sardines.

It was quite warm in Adelaide yesterday 30 degrees, but luckily my husband works on the main route of the pageant so we were able to see most of it from a relatively comfortable spot though the air conditioner wasn't on and our window was in full sun the kids ended up going to the other side of the building so that they were in the shade. We headed down for the last 10 floats and to see Santa going past.

They estimated that there was 375,000 people at the pageant yesterday and there was an absolute sea of people everywhere and lots of tired, grumpy kids at the end. We followed the swarm to the train station and made into seats by luck for another game of sardines down to the beach.

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