18 December 2007

The final Spesh Gift

I promised the forum girls a close up look at the quilting I think you will be able to see it from this picture and the other is the quilt before the binding has been put on. The blocks were 24" square and I thought it would be a quick quilt to make up... yeah right... better not go back into project administration because my job estimating skills are way off. Just glad I didn't leave it to the last minute to make it like I did with the Christmas Stockings I made for my friends for Christmas. I had given my self one afternoon to do these but they took a bit longer than that but I think they were worth the effort.

The Cat was for Kay because she just love cats and at one of our Sparkle meetings she said that she wanted a Cat on a stick (not this one but this pattern was heaps better) and Sue and Sally got the Santa ones. Hopefully they weren't tooo prim for them. Will have to make a Santa for me one day too but for now I might just have a rest for a few days. Have nothing that has to be done until Christmas Day food shopping so I will be having a quiet week.

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