18 December 2007

My Favourite Christmas Event

I know I know no posts for nearly a month and then two in one day. Had dinner with the quilting girls last night and it is my favourite thing to do at Christmas and I had to post a picture of the wonderful gifts I got. Lovely home made biscuits from Sally, yummy fabric, button, scissors and chocolates from Sue and Kay made three skinny bags for things which fit one inside the other out of lovely Kaffe Fassett Fabric (will have to think long and hard what special things can go in these) and more choccies. These are always my favourite gifts because they are either hand made or very thoughtful personalised bought gifts (one day my family will get this). I Forgot to mention the Lime Green Shoe ornament from Sue which is probably really hard to see because it blends in with the bag in the picture which I love to bits.


Betsy said...

your gifts look wonderful.
so how long do your kids have for Christmas break? we only get 2 weeks here.

Anonymous said...

Had a great time the other night and love love love my Christmas cat.
Shown everyone who's visited here since.