01 March 2010

The Last Book arrived

Gaudynski's Machine Quilting Guidebook arrived on Friday and I have already gleened a few hints that might make me be in love with Bottomline again when I go back to the Christmas tree quilt.  I also just got a parcel in the mail with some fabrics to go in a project I am working on and I must say I love this colour way, and I might have to go shopping for some more at a later date.

Gaudynski's Machine Quilting Guidebook

I had my post op visit to the Dr last week and he said that I am in fantastic shape.  He also told me I was a bit silly to go back to work after 3 weeks, but he was the one that originally said that I could do it.  Must admit it wasn't till the 6 week mark that I actually had my act together, both mentally as well as physically.   I have managed to walk 5 days a week, for the last couple of weeks and I probably would have done 7 if the kids hadn't bought home various bugs from school, which they have been very kind to share, still I have managed to shake these off very quickly so I must be healthy.

Off to sewing a Hetties tomorrow, that is if my kids don't decide to have another sickie or need to go to some sporting event that they haven't told me about.  Work has been a little bit nuts the last few weeks and I need some girlie sewing time... wonder if I should turn off the mobile phone just in case.  Can't wait to see the new part of the shop...


Leanne said...

Can you bring the new book I would like to have a look at it.

Rustic Tarts said...

I was wondering what they were doing at Hetties....just had a look at their blog and it looks wonderful.
Look forward to your report and hope you are able to do some stitching (& chatting) without interruptions.