25 February 2010

Books Books I just love Books

Yesterday I came home to a box at the doorstep ... oooh joy my books have arrived.   I had ordered 4 a little over a week ago 3 came and the last one should arrive in a day or so.  The first 3 I ordered were these and I added another from my wishlist the "Goddess of the Last Minute" by Robbi Joy Ekow.  

I always read Robbi's article in Quilting Arts in fact it is probably the only page of that magazine that I read from start to finish as she is hilarious and I thought wow she has put out a book maybe I can see some of her work and techniques.  OOPs turns out it is a collection of essays, oh well I will enjoy reading them.

I have watched the DVD from Quilting for Show it concentrates on how to finish you quilt if you want to show it.  As I don't intend on entering anything in a Quilt Show I might not have needed this book but you never do know what is coming round the corner and Karen's books are all fantastic with lots and lots of know how.

Color Your Cloth is going to be fantastic I have already told Leanne we need to have another Dyeing Play Day.  It uses Bees Wax as a resist ... which I happen to have 2kg of ... yes yes impulsive ebay buy lets not go there... So I am going to read this book cover to cover ... well maybe ... and see what we need and plan a day of fun in the back yard...  just don't know when I am going to fit it all in March is running out of days already.   

The Guidebook didn't arrive but will soon can't wait.

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Leanne said...

Looking forward to our dying day LOL. What do you mean your going to read it..... aren't we just going to look at the pictures then wade right in.