04 February 2010


I got it into my head that I wanted a worm farm for all out kitchen waste, but in the end it all was a bit hard and where do we put it etc.  Then at the local Organic Market where I get the best eggs and the most fabulous olives/and oil you are ever going to taste they had Bokashi Buckets to order which is a kitchen composting system that you put all your kitchen scraps in throw on the Bokashi mix and let it ferment.  There is apparently no smell, you can put anything from the kitchen in it including small amounts of paper and then when it is full you leave it sealed for a week then dig a hole in the garden and bury it to fully compost.  As my hubby has gone back to work I am now in charge again so I have just started it up this week so will let you know how it goes.

Sorry no picture of the skirt, I am sure Leanne will have her camera on Sunday so might get her to take a snap.

This is my first day at home on my own since before Christmas so I am having a ME day.  I am heading out to the sewing room not to sew but to start cleaning it up....even up to my standards (which are pretty low) it is pretty disgusting,  if I am not careful it will start falling out the door and when I go out there I don't feel very creative at all.  On Tuesday I had to bring the machine inside to sew which if I do too many times I am going to be in so much trouble it isn't worth thinking about.

Just got the next book in the Millenium Trilogy thanks to the voucher in the Women's Weekly...might start that tonight.

UPDATE: Spent little over an hour doing a big cleanup in the sewing room the floor is reasonably tidy and I through two bags worth of cardboard envelopes and paper stuff in the bin as well as another bag of rubbish.  I am going to have to go through my cupboards next but I will leave that for next month as I will need to do some heavy lifting that I am not up to doing at the moment but the table is pretty clear so I can quilt the tree now without fear of knocking stuff all over the place and the squid can bring her machine out with me next time we have a lesson.


Rustic Tarts said...

Bokashi Buckets - that's a new one to me....good luck with it!

Leanne said...

Clarice is packed hope you have the skirt on.

Leanne said...
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Anonymous said...

Bokashi is really great, not in the least hard once you get used to it. And lucky you, you have unfrozen soil to dig into!
I'm an ex-kiwi living in Sweden and I do a blog on bokashi in English just to help spread the word and share ideas between countries. (My little effort for the planet...)
Good luck!

Bokashi said...

Bokashi is awesome. Especially if you are in my situation: living on the fifth floor of a building without garden. I can still compost thanks to the Bokashi bin, and it has reduced my amount of kitchen waste by at least 50%. So that feels really good.

Thanks for a nice read,