23 February 2010

Where did the weekend go?

Saturday was a bit of a right off, I ended up sleeping for nearly 18 hours hit by some 24 hour bug.   

Sunday I decided to forego the walking hid out in the sewing room and finished Squid's bag for her sewing machine.  I had started it a week or so ago but struck a few cutting issues.  You know the types of issues I mean... not following the rule measure twice cut once... mental lapse cut the wrong size ... bugger.... have to wait to go back to the shop and buy some more fabric kind of issues.

Surprisingly Sunday's effort was much better.  I had actually thought about what I was doing and where to go next.  The bag was in my head it just had to be put together.  It fits the machine like a glove and once we do away with the packing, there will be plenty of room for sewing bits and pieces to go in it.  I am thinking of making a few accessories to go with it.  Maybe and owl pin cushion and a sewing scroll.  But squid is happy with the bag for present and since the cutting issues I have plenty of scraps to play with at least I don't have to go shopping again.  

The stretchy pocket on the back holds the foot and power cord, there are a couple of pockets on the inside.

With a bit of modification it could easily serve as a nappy bag (luckily won't be needing that) or a laptop bag (which is more up my alley).


Sue said...

Great bag!!! Looks like it fits like a glove. Well done. You will have to go into production!!! :)
Cheers S

Leanne said...

Great bag I have a camera bag like that in my head must get it out.