15 February 2010

Sewing Lessons

Squid had a couple of sewing lessons on the weekend.  She learnt to thread the machine and she sewed lots of lines on the fabric.  Yesterday she wanted me to draw a picture of a boat on the fabric then she followed it with the needle and thread and she didn't do too bad a job.  All importantly she trimmed the threads (something that her mother never does)... and made a couple of holes in the fabric... she had fun should have made a tape of her singing away as she sewed.

At the end she pulled lots of faces for the camera the type that you want to keep for 21st's.


Leanne said...

What a clever girl. Tell her I will be expecting a doll soon.

Sue said...

Oh how cute ... such concentration! When will the first quilt be completed!!!! lol Cheers S

Rustic Tarts said...

She has done well!
I am having computer woes, so it has gone to be fixed, I couldn't think how I could email you to let you know that the pattern arrived yesterday and then I realised I could use the laptop and go through your blog. (The main computer has all the email addresses saved on it and not the laptop)