17 February 2010

Mad Hatter

This morning I went for my walk I am very pleased with myself have managed to go everyday this week.  Must admit this morning was a struggle but I just did it (the squid has passed on some germs).  It is amazing how much better I feel for it (apart from the sore throat).

Squid has had a couple of days of school (sore throat and head cold) but I pronounced her fit yesterday and packed her off and she was ok and I headed to Sit and Sew all ready to start making a Nicole Mallalieu Hat.  I had drafted the pattern was about to start cutting fabric when the phone rang and it was the school.  So my first day back to sewing was done... amazing how much better the Squid was once she got home grrrrr.  "My tummy was hurting and I needed the tummy medicine and I couldn't wait until the end of the day" (Tummy Health vitamins which she hadn't taken).

So I caught up on my ironing she watched TV, played on the computer and made a mess in her room.  Last night I started the hat.  I am about to put the brim onto the crown so far it is coming together really well but started to have problems at that point so decided to leave the joining it all together to today when the kids are at school and I am not tired.  Must say the instructions are fantastic and it is looking a lot better than I anticipated my first effort.  I have the adult pattern as well so I might just have to start one for me... maybe next week.

TA DA still have to do the lining but I am pretty happy with the result.  Next time I will use the Bernina as having a needle down position is essential and would have made life easier putting the to halves together. 


Leanne said...

It looks good. Glad the hear the girl was better when she got home LOL.

Sue said...

Its gorgeous ... very stylish. Glad to hear you have been walking. Trying to do the same here and have been out most days ... dont know how I will do over the next few days with the weather warming up. Cheers S

Karen said...

Luke used to time it perfectly every Tuesday morning. I'd get to Hetties, unpack, be halfway thru first cup of coffee, and you guessed it .RING, RING his Royal Highness needed Mum GRRRRR!!!

Carrie P. said...

Too cute. love your fabric choices.