03 February 2010

Fabric Arrived

I finally received my package from Fabric Shack the envelope had met with a bit of an accident and Australia Post had to reseal it (it must have taken them a couple of weeks to do that though).  I was waiting on this package to do a couple of Make It Perfect Wrap Skirts.  So yesterday I chopped and cut up enough fabric for two skirts.  Have finished on and am halfway through the next.  I am pretty happy with the result but I did find the pattern a bit hard to read so Leanne gave  me one of her skirts plus the pattern already drafted onto interfacing which saved me doing all the measuring and made it very quick to cut out and I was able to work it out from there.

I also finished this stitchery yesterday which I gave you a sneak peak at the other day.

And Terry emailed me yesterday to say that her giveaway had arrived.


Sue said...

Lovely stitchery. Ok so where is the photo of the model in the new skirt???? Have a good day. Cheers S

Rustic Tarts said...

Sue has already said what I was going to say!
Hope we get to see the finished skirts, it is something I have been thinking about doing, but if you had probs with the pattern, I don't know that I am so keen now!

Leanne said...

Great stitchery. I wish I could draw I don't even do stick figures justice. Glad to hear the skirts turned out OK.