18 June 2010

On a Mission

I have been sewing and sewing lots, a bit sick of it at the moment ... no not really just need to do something that doesn't have to be done... like something just for me, so yesterday I was on a mission.

Last week I bought myself some lovely wool tights something that I have kind of been looking for as an essential piece of winter wardrobe, then got home tried them on opened the cupboard and realised I don't have any winter skirts to wear with said winter tights all I have are trousers.

I am thinking of basic wrap around with a sheer overlay, looks fantastic in my head don't know if it will looks so good on the bod.  So with this in mind I headed to DK's maybe the last remaining purely dress making fabric shop's in Adelaide (I don't count spotlight here).   20 years ago (oh god how old must I be) I use to make all my own clothes I worked in the city (DK had 2 stores then their Bridal store was in town) I use to stop by on my way home on a Friday and bring home the most amazing one of a kind fabric and make clothes on the weekend.  One particular outfit was for my sister's wedding I had chosen a pattern that took 6m of fabric and I had fallen in love with a  piece of fabric that was $150 /m in Lincraft.  Way out of my budget and my comfort zone when it came to dressmaking.  Walked into DK found the exact colour (which was what I was in love with and you can probably guess the colour) and made the whole dress for $30 and it looked like it cost $900.

Yesterday I landed in DK's found some glorious Italian Wool embellished with lovely thread... will be going back for that when I work out what to do with it. Decided on a Viscose Linen for the underskirt and found this lovely sheer.  The bargain of the day was the grey piece of fabric which the lady was preparing as a remnant.... love remnants 1.3m for $18 it is pure wool with the embroidery all over.  I see a skirt and maybe a bag if I am extra scrimpy.


Sue said...

Sounds like good shopping ... look forward to see your creations!!!
Cheers S

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Amanda, I never cease to be in awe of your talents. is there anything you cant do girl?