04 October 2010

I Interrupt this Blog Post for a Message


The squidder had a themed birthday party to attend this weekend. It was Aliens or Vampires.  Leading up to the weekend I thought we were going to do the Alien thing then she decides it has to be Vampire.  Cheap as Chips to the rescue with a $10 witch costume and some minor skill in face painting which I am required to draw on from time to time with have Miss Vampira.


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Ok she looks successfully scary. Great job on the face paint.

Good on you for thinking of Cheap as Chips. I would have been running round like a headless chook trying to make something which would have eneded in tears.

Hope Vampira enjoyed the party.

Kris said...

A very ghoulish girl!

Cheap As Chips is usually my kids' first port of call for costumes, second is the op shop.

Leanne said...

Well done you a face painter as well. She looks great Lucas has a dress up next weekend perhaps I might have to call on your skills.

Rustic Tarts said...

I was thinking that you had whipped that costume up yourself - it really looks great.

Karen said...

Me thinks she could have a role in the next Twilight Movie.