13 October 2010

Last Day of the Holidays Zoo Trip

I decided that we should go to the Zoo on Monday.  It turned out to be great day to go as there were not a lot of people just a few mums with toddlers and some retirees so there wasn't masses of crowds and we were able to get into to see the Panda's fairly easily can't say I am all excited about seeing the Panda's unlike everyone else that was lining up (the lady behind me was most concerned that there was 10 groups in front of her lol).  This was not a problem at all there was plenty of room for everyone in the huge enclosure, we were all told to be very quiet and no flash (which wasn't necessary as Wang Wang was walking around outside).  The kids were about as impressed as I was so we didn't have to be asked to move on and made a quick exit.     The zoo has changed since the last time we went as that was when the huge new entrance and panda enclosure was being built.  I did notice there were lots more keepers around and volunteers around.  

The kids liked these guys and I have to admit they were pretty cute.
And this guy according to the keeper he is a handful for the keeper and its parents, I guess like all kids.  

I was very impressed with the Lion he was just a yearly cub the last time were at the zoo and there was 4 of them in this enclosure I think his sisters have been sent to Monarto.  His main was short and golden last time we saw him, this one is pretty impressive now.  The log is his scratching post was kinda glad that there was a big wire fence between us.


Leanne said...

Oh I love the Panda as you know. I also love the Meerkats they are so funny to watch.

cheap holidays to can picafort said...

Last day of holidays always make me little bit sad because I just love to go for holidays. You have created and narrated each and everything very nicely of your trip.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Agreed...I dont really understand all the Panda fuss.

And I haveent been to the zoo in ages. We're at the stage where Miss P is too old and Little P is too young. Looks like fun though.

Kris said...

Yeah, I'm not sure about the pandas either. Don't feel I can say though cause I haven't been to see them. Weird for me because we have always had zoo membership. This is the first time in forever that we haven't. Not sure why. Too much Panda hype? Or just slackness on my part? Probably the latter!

The Clip Cafe said...

The zoo is always a winner :-)