16 January 2011

Did you miss me?

Who would have thought going back to work would throw me so much.  I don't feel like I have achieved much this last week and feel like I have been very absent everywhere.  I realised after uploading this picture I haven't had the camera out this holidays, I have just settled for taking snaps with the iphone.   I have been making lots of stuff, probably not as much as I would have hoped but I am quietly getting through my list, and diligently reporting it on my excel spread sheet so I know how far away I am from being comfortable with what I have for the stall which is probably making me panic slightly.    A couple of things I haven't even started making and have been putting them off I think but I will get there going to at least start them this week.  I decided to work on some pretties this week something a bit special, for a special night out on the town.  Here is what I have come up with, featuring a bit of sparkle and lovely soft velvet.

I have been watching and reading about the horrible devastation in Queensland.  My sister lives in Queensland and she was very lucky that flood waters in her area narrowly missed her house.  A rather large torrent came within metres of her house when a dam burst on a neighbouring property but her, her horses and property came out of it ok, some of her neighbours weren't so lucky.

I have thought long and hard about getting involved in the Auctions but I have decided to donate funds myself to the Premiers Fund if you want to get involved head on over to Make it Perfect.


Lorraine said...

Ha Ha...going back to work will certainly throw the creative routine out!

Leanne said...

Hey....those velvety purses are really lovely in the flesh the photo doesn't do them justice.

Shay said...

I missed you Amanda.

I dont know if work is an excuse for not being crafty- I didnt go to work this week and managed to get very little done !

Love the purses. Very elegant.

Let me know when you're close to a complete meltdown and I'll come round and cook dinner so you dont starve.