24 January 2011

Doubt and a busy weekend

It was Squids birthday party on the weekend.  It was only a small affair with 2 friends and we packed in a fair bit.  Our kids only have a big party every other year and this is the off year, so a couple of friends can come over we maybe go to the movies and have some party food.  Squid wanted a pool party and we gave the contingency that we go to the movies if the weather was dodgie.  Squid decided that she wanted to do both.  So it was the pool first thing for a swim, quick game of pin the flower on the fairy, then we fed them with pizza and cake, made them change out of their wet things and zoomed to the pictures.  Great time was had by all.

Its 2 weeks to the market and I am worrying (which isn't anything new I might add).  Have 20 button holes to go and I have finished the last batch of skirts for the stall.  I need to make more bags, one design I haven't even started on yet  ugghhhh .... my brain is entering its manic WHAT IF faze so i don't think I will be sleeping much over the next 14 days ... I guess the upside is I will have more time for sewing.


Shay said...

Have faith - you'll get there . The stall will be a smashing success and you'll sell out of everything.

Yes you have to go through the manic phase first...

Glad Squid loved her party day!

Leanne said...

Oh go on it will be a breeze LOL.