18 January 2011

Under Pressure

The aim for this week is to power through and finished the final batch of wrap skirts.   Here they all are with their waist bands attached ready to do the turn through bit and finish all the top stitching.  With any luck I will achieve the goal.  There are a couple here that I am tempted to leave home, I am sure they will look fantastic on Squid.  I think I will just let her have her pick of which ever one she wants as I have promised her another one to add to the wardrobe.  

I have had to resort to ice packs and panadol though my neck and shoulders are really troubling me, hopefully my massage on Thursday will improve everything,  but going on past experience  it will probably make me feel worse before it feel's better.   Next week it will be bags bags and more bags and with any luck I won't have to sew too much during the weeks between the stalls.... fingers crossed.


Lorraine said...

the things we do to ourselves..LOL take it easy and I hope the neck/shoulder pain goes away......I think I am paying for my physio's next OS trip - I am always there!

Leanne said...

Looking like a sweat shop.

Shay said...

You can do it Amanada. You're doing really well! I made 25 bibs for Little P before he was born and dreamed of being a world famous bib maker - once I'd finished I decided never to make another bib again.

Hopefully the massage will aleviate some of those aches and pains.