06 April 2011

15 Minute Challenge - 5 April

Ok I am a day late but worked yesterday and also had some other things to say.

So here is the run down of my week.

Tuesday - 2 hours stitching QFD Project at Sewing
Wednesday - No stitching (Meeting with Sparkles so that is always creative)
Thursday -  1 hour Rosalie Quinlan Embroidery from Pirie Trip
Friday - 1 hour quilting Jelly Squares Quilt
Saturday 2 hours quilting Jelly Squares Quilt
Sunday - quilting and binding on Jelly Squares Quilt
Monday - Photographing project for QFD Project and Binding
Tuesday - 1 hour more binding sewing (hate binding sewing).

Check out more following the 15 minute challenge here.


Shay said...

LOVE the quilting on the jelly squares quilt Amanda. Looks like another busy week at Chez Seabreeze.

(Im so glad to hear you say you hate binding...I dont adore it either - it's a neccesary evil)

Thea said...

The jelly squares quilt is great! It's still Tuesday here so you're not late.

Very productive week! Yay!

Kate said...

The quilt looks great, all the white gives the quilt a crisp feeling.

Looks like you had a pretty productive week.

Sara said...

I'm hearing you with the binding hate... wouldn't it be nice if you could send them off to get professionally bound, in the same way you can send them off to get professionally quilted?

Leanne said...

You should have taken that quit to work with you LOL. I love binding sewing it means it is nearly finished. The quilt looks great.