20 April 2011

15 Minute Challenge with Kate

I have had deadlines this week so there was plenty of stuff going on, not necessarily sewing though.  To projects had to be handed in to Sarah at QFD for the May's Let's Stitch online event.  Most of the creativity was writing the patterns, I dragged my tail on the last project but it is all with Sarah now and she will be revealing bits and pieces over the next couple of weeks to wet your appetite.

I worked on the paper piecing project as well, I started making a separate star but then it wouldn't go together nicely with the other star that I started so I have unpicked it and started back on the original, with a new plan.

Tiny sneak peak of second project.

Wednesday night was no sewing night as went out to tea with the girls for Kay's birthday, but we did talk a fair bit about sewing related matters so it probably counts as well.

Head on over to Kate's if you want to see how every one else went.


Kate said...

Writing patterns is definitely creative (especially the math sometimes!). Sounds like you had a good week.

thea said...
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thea said...

okay, I'll say it correctly this time .. hanging out and talking about sewing counts!

Shay said...

With the looming deadlines and everything else I'm sure you did hours of sewing and craftiness.

You've got me curious about the snippet of project you showed!