21 April 2011


Do you hear that its silence, apart from the tap tap tap of my fingers.

It's school holidays and the kids are at Nan's for the night because I mentioned something about going grocery shopping early in the morning.  They decided that they would sleep at Nan's to avoid it.  

My hubby and I decided on the way home from dropping them off to do the bits of grocery shopping for the weekend.  Yeah this morning I got to sleep in a bit, and have made the dash to the bakery to get hot cross buns and now I am having a few quiet moments with a cup of coffee. The puppy is on my lap and I am reading some blogs .... just lovely.

Have a good easter break everyone.   


Kris said...

Perfect day! I am so enjoying hot cross buns this year. Delicious breakfast and any other time actually!

Sue said...

Lucky you with a bit of time to yourself!! Im just back from the shops & I was surprised that they werent too bad!!! I was expecting it to be a bit manic .... maybe everyone is leaving their run till this afternoon. Hope you and the family have a great Easter .... lots of choccies and hot cross buns!!! Yum!! Cheers S

Shay said...

Sounds perfect Amanda.

Have a lovely Easter break.