25 April 2011

So how has your Easter been?

Mine has been quiet, which I think I have needed.  I am fighting off a sinus infection, and today is the first day that I have been able to bend over without the feeling that my eye was going to exploded.  Still not 100% but at least my eye has stopped weeping and a few more doses of the old salt spray should help and I can avoid a trip to the  emergency dr's surgery on a long weekend and antibiotics.

I have finished my pattern writing for Jelly Squares tonight just have to do the images and slot them in.  The Sherbet Pip's version is slowly coming together, and I just love that fabric it is just so naive and pretty.  At night I have been doing my 8 pointed star paper pieced thing.  You have to check out Cathy's lovely colourful version which is what I am going to do next, I am sure I have enough in my stash to make something similar.  I'll post a picture of mine again soon, just halfway round another circle.

The kids wanted to go to the beach today (what else is new I hear you say).  They went by scooter, I drove the car in case they were too tired on the way back, (actually it was for my hubby's benefit because he and my son had already gone on a long bike ride in the morning).

The beach was wonderful, just a slight breeze and the weather is perfect this weekend.     Apparently I never get in pictures so here I am.


Leanne said...

The weather has been fantastic. The sandcastle is great where was the baby on this outing.

Shay said...

Ahhhhhhhh the beach. A very typical Aussie Easter and lots of fun!

Hasnt the weather been perfect? Glad to see you enjoyed your day !

Lorraine said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend..except for the sinus thing! Great weather for the beach (or anything really!)