02 June 2011

Our Creative Spaces

Its been one of those weeks this week.  Tuesday is my day for doing all my run around jobs and going to sewing for an couple of hours.  I woke up at 5.30 with a tummy bug and that put paid to Tuesday which was spent pretty much all in bed.  So there are no fruit and veg in the house the mountain of ironing is still sitting on the pool table and the sewing schedule is a bit behind.

Today's schedule is a bit over the top and will start with a visit to the city for an appointment and various stops and errands on the way home in time to pick the kids up.   Tonight I hope to continue on with this secret squirrel project.

I am trialing using parlen as a backing for the stitchery.   I normally don't like anything thick behind embroidery (I use to use a fusible voile until I was unable to get it) and I have to say that I quite like the effect on my satin stitch.    I don't know that I would like to use it on a quilt (but I might give it a go) but on a small project it is ideal.

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Rustic Tarts said...

Glad you are feeling better today. Stitchery looks great.

yardage girl said...

Glad you're feeling better - hope you have a productive (and fun) day!

Kate said...

Hope you are getting back on schedule and are feeling better.

Leanne said...

Glad to hear you survived the dreaded gastro.

Shay said...

Glad you're feeling more human again Amanda. I'm coming down with a cold and feel pretty ordinary.

Your bumble bee looks darling!