23 June 2011

Our Creative Spaces

This is the last of the satin stitched finished I have one more small section to finish that I hope to get to today and then I will be able to make up the project.  Another strike off the list.

I think after August I am going to have a rest from deadlines.

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yaga said...

oh wow, I haven't seen anything stitched in a long time... such a nice activity!
but i understand that deadlines can spoil the fun. good luck! :o)

Leanne said...

It's looking good.

Shay said...

Love that stitching! I wonder if I'll ever be able to pull off something like that if I practice.

Yep-deadlines are the pits!

Kris said...

Gosh that sounds good! A rest from deadlines! As Leanne said it is looking good!