08 June 2012

Favourite Things Friday

 I had my wisdom tooth out yesterday and have been feeling a bit sore and sorry for myself so for Favourite Things Friday I am going to do a list of all the good things to cheer myself up.

So this week this is what I am grateful for

  • The fact that I was only blessed with one wisdom tooth, and the dentist said it isn't much of a tooth at that and she could get it out easily in the chair.  
  • The dentist went to town with the anesthetic and it took to 7pm for it all to wear off so I was pain free throughout most of the kids tennis practice.  
  • My shipment of Art Quilting Studio, Sew Sommerset, Vinette and picking up the latest Homespun means I have lots of weekend reading to do.
  • Yeah its a long weekend.
  • We don't have to be at my son's tennis tournament until lunch time on Sunday, which is so much better than the 8 am start that we were originally told.  
  • the fabric arrived so I can finish my July projects
  • my June Mixed Media kit arrived so I might get to play with some art stuff
  • I got my nails done with this groovy holographic nail polish, I was going to go ultra conservative this week as I have a work Cocktail party thing I have to go to but the holographic nail polish was too hard to resist.  I went for a soft pink colour. I figure I will probably be a wall flower anyway, don't know why the boss has insisted I have to go.   He made me put it in my diary 6 months ago with strict instructions I wasn't going to get out of it.  Sorry that's my whiney voice coming out.  Really don't want to go to this doo.
  • I got a couple of yummy fabric parcels this week, a bit more Amy Butler Lark Fabric that is destined to become some bags and some more solids from Sarah.  
  • Its less than a month to the Nicole Malleleu Class really can't wait for that one. 
I thinks that's enough to make me feel better, the last dose of panadene has kicked in so I am feeling less sorry for myself now.  Head on over to Mrs P and check out all the Favourites.  


bj said...

Sorry you had to get the tooth out but glad you have....eh...HAD only ONE. :)

ANudge said...

Wow - lots of favorites this friday and that's good! Enjoy.

Leanne said...

I HATE the dentist. I am impressed a wisdom tooth out in the chair. Lots of positives there have a great weekend.

Shay said...

I cant even read about going to the dentist so I skipped that part. Im sorry!

Im just waiting for Mr. P to start whining about the Crows bye.

And I think your nails look fabulous and you’ll be the belle of the party.

Keep taking those meds . Whatever you had done is probably painful and it’s nice to be slightly oblivious !

P. said...

Sorry about the tooth, but at least it won't be bothering you anymore. Fabulous nails! Have a good weekend!

thea said...

those nails are fabulous (did I just say that?). Anyway, a nice list of favorites. Always a good way to get you out of the doldrums.

Kate said...

Beautiful nails. Hope you are feeling much better and that you were able to enjoy your 4 day weekend.