05 June 2012

15 Minute Challenge

Isn't that terrible I haven't managed to blog for a whole week.  The weekend has been following my son around in the freezing cold at tennis and footy.  Next weekend officially there is no sport on, but he has put his name down for a big tennis tournament, he is only playing doubles and it is an elimination type thing so it will probably be just one day out of the 3 that we will have to be doing tennis stuff (some of the kids have been doing lots of tournaments around the country... I don't think they will last too long but it will be good experience for them).

I am at the pointy end of my quilt project for July.  All the appliqué is quilted and I am up to the straight line quilting... as you can see I prefer not to use a walking foot and go round using my free motion foot for doing in the ditch, I promise to  crack open the walking for for doing the borders.

Well how did I do this week, I don't have any  pressing hand sewing at the moment so not as good as previous weeks.

Wednesday: joined the backing for July quilt
Thursday: nothing
Friday: nothing
Saturday: basted July quilt, crochet
Sunday: started quilting appliqué, picked up the crochet again
Monday: crochet
Tuesday: quilting, quilting quilting good way through now.  Hopefully I will manage to finish it this week then I can finish up the pattern writing and get on with the second project.

You know the drill head on over to Kate's to see who else met the challenge this week.


Shay said...

I enjoy hand sewing when it's freezing outside because I get to sit on the lounge where it's warm to do it. The sewing room is a lot less appealing on these cold evenings.

I still think your efforts for this week rock!

Leanne said...

Another great weeks for you even if the weekend was sport related. I find it weird that tennis is played in the winter growing up in the country we only played tennis in the summer.

Kate said...

A good week. Manageing to get any sewing done while ferrying kiddos to all those practices is an achievement.

I love the red angel on the quilt.

thea said...

Nice week. five out of seven.