23 June 2012

Favourite Things Friday or is that Pattern writing avoidance

I know it isn't Friday but I was planning to join in just got doing other things last night.  I had planned to do another FTF but this had better be a quick post because I really should be pattern writing, once I stop avoiding it.

My Favourite thing this week is this Begonia which I got for mothers day.  It has been flowering non stop for the last 2 months.  I have it on the table near my front door so it must like it there.  Just the right amount of light, it doesn't get overheated when the heating is on.

When I was in my 20's I collected a lot of begonia's, mostly the weeping variety.  When I saw these for sale at the local florist I sent the kids down to pick one up for me, I figured even if it only lasted a couple of weeks I would be happy, so it has been a real bargain.  I need to buy a nice pot to rest it in (it still has the mothers day wrapping on it.  Might have to go in search next week if I have a minute.

So that wraps it up for FTF head on over to Mrs P for some more fun.


thea said...

Very pretty!

Posie Patchwork said...

Such a lovely colour. I'm staving off any lurgies, i've had a couple of mornings thinking "this is it, the start of something" then nothing. Phew, love Posie

Shay said...

Beautiful begonia and such a pretty colour! And it's lasted ages if it was a Mother's Day pressie!

I was busy avoiding tutorial writing while you were avoiding pattern writing. Maybe there's something in the air?

Kate said...

Very pretty, love the deep, intense pink of the begonias. Hope the pattern writing is going well.