05 February 2013

15 Minute Challenge

Here we are again another week has whizzed by.  It has been pretty boring picture wise on the challenge front, I can't give you another snap of the quilt in the frame.

Weekend sport started this week, and with the kids going back to school my son is already asking if he can do school footy this winter as well as club footy on top of Karate.  As my daughter is looking forward to winter tennis we are going to be busy from next term on.  Club footy practice is bound to start in March.

Today I off loaded some of my off casts from the sewing room.  A heap of magazines and dress patterns went to the op shop.  Leanne took possession of a couple of bags of wool and I am trying to off load some kits and books on Ebay.  A heap of novels went to the Rotary book shop on the weekend.  The sad thing is I still can't see my sewing table it is under a big pile of shifted stuff.

I'm on leave next week and I am hoping that I can get it all organised by mid next week (it is probably wishful thinking.  I did take a panoramic picture on my phone mid chaos but I am too ashamed to show that to anyone lol.

The challenge went like this:

Wednesday - hand quilting
Thursday - hand quilting
Friday - hand quilting
Saturday - hand quilting - destashing
Sunday - hand quilting - destashing
Monday - nothing I needed a rest
Tuesday - I'm hoping to get to the frame soon if I don't fall asleep.

Head on over to Kate's to see who else met the challenge this week.


Shay said...

Chicken- I'd show that mess and be proud about it. (then again I have no shame !)

De-cluttering is good for the soul and always makes me feel more creative. Im sure next week will be a whirlwind of making and getting things done.

Kate said...

You know we all love you. It would take a lot more than a messy sewing room to shock us (mainly I'm sure because all of us have the same issue). Next week on the 15 minute challenge I may challenge people to show their spaces as that's this month's theme. Maybe you could show a before and in progress shot.

You've had a productive week. Enjoy your week away from work.

thea said...

You have a great week .. I remember the days with running around to all the different sports. and I agree with Shay and Kate .. you can show. especially if there's a before and after.

Leanne said...

Ha ha I love Mondays 15 minutes.