13 February 2013

15 Minute Challenge

I'm a bit late this week.  Yesterday it was my birthday and I had to go to lunch with a friend down at Glenelg (hard life I know but someone has to do it), take Maestro to footy practice (what the! we are still at tennis 4 times a week) and then the family went out for tea.

Here we are walking off tea.  It was lovely down the beach the air was quite balmy, this picture was taken just after 8pm.  

I have made lots of inroads into the quilting of Squids quilt this week and the end in sight for the great sewing room clean up.  There have been a couple of loads of magazines sent to various locations and I have cancelled a couple of subscriptions, patterns have gone to the op shop and I have a pile of fabric to go to local patchwork group at the church.  There is also a heap of stuff to go to a dogs home for bedding.  I can just about walk freely round the sewing table, and I can even see some of the table now that will be my task tomorrow morning.  And I might even be able to show a photo next week.  

So the week went like this:

Wednesday: Hand quilting
Thursday: Hand Quilting / sewing room tidy up
Friday: HandQuilting
Saturday: Hand Quilting / sewing room tidy up
Sunday: Hand Quilting / sewing room tidy up
Monday: sewing room tidy up
Tuesday: sewing room tidy up.  

Head on over to Kate's to see who else met the challenge this week.  


Julie in GA said...

Cleaning up the sewing room isn't much fun, but it is so much easier to work efficiently once it's done. That needs to be my next priority.

Kate said...

You've inspired me to tackle at least a few shelves of the fabric closet (yes there was a reason the door was closed in my sewing room photos). Sounds like you've made really good progress. Maybe since I'm off on Friday, I'll do the same.

Kate said...
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Shay said...

Happy Birthday Amanda Looks like you're enjoying your week off to the max!

thea said...

Happy Birthday!! Great week and great job on the destashing. Will there be before and after pictures?

Leanne said...

A job well done.