01 February 2013

Favourite Thing Friday

My favourite thing is simply this.


Yesterday was my first day on my own for a whole 6 or was it 7 weeks.  I really didn't know what to do with myself for the first 20 minutes, hubby decided to do the housework on Wednesday and he really does a better job than me.  The next thought was that I probably could get some study done as the computer is free there is no Minecraft being played or FaceTime happening.  So some uninterrupted study happened then I went to the fruit and veg shop to restock, headed home and picked up a DVD (The Awakening) sat and did some hand quilting watch a bit of the DVD waiting for a Kitchen Guy  come over to measure up the kitchen to see how much we need to contribute to world debt to get that done and then I finished the DVD and it was time to pick the kids up again.

Head over to Mrs P who has a very sophisticated FTF.


Kate said...

That is a really nice favorite thing! I'm very envious (but only in a very good way).

Shay said...

You were among a group of about one million other mothers who breathed a collective sigh of relief on Tuesday when their kids went back to school after Summer holidays. I bet that was a favourite this week for a lot of them !

Enjoy your free time...I kind of miss the rush of getting ready to send kids back to school.

thea said...

Sounds like a wonderful day .. although I'm sure you enjoy kids at home, I know it's always nice to get back to the routine of school .

Leanne said...

If Chris is ever wanting another house to clean there is one in West Lakes. LOL