29 January 2013

15 Minute Challenge

Lots of hand quilting has been happening this week.  I did miss a couple of days because we had a birthday party and coffee out with the girls on Wednesday however, every other night there was a fair bit of quilting going on.  The frame is up by my seat and have been managing an hour at least when I do sit down to watch tv at night.

Every year around this time I like to try and have a clean out of the sewing room, this year I am getting really serious about it.  I'm going to clear some of the magazines out that I haven't looked out in years.   Just have to work out what I am going to do with them I would prefer that they go to a good crafting home but if not they will be heading to the recycle bin. There are also some old novels in there that just have to go the local library has a section where you can donate books so they will be heading there. I have a draw or 2 of dress patterns that I am biting the bullet over as well I'm hoping the local Op Shop might be interested.

I'm handing over my wool supply to Leanne because I'm over my wool addiction.  At the moment the sewing room looks like a bomb has gone off, well that would be 2 bombs because it usually looks like a bomb has gone off.  I am determined to find room for all the fabric that is not sorted and stored which means I need to get more organised.

So now for the challenge the week went like this:

Wednesday: Coffee with the girls
Thursday: quilting
Friday: squids birthday recovery
Saturday: clean up , quilting
Sunday: clean up, quilting
Monday: quilting
Tuesday: quilting

Head on over to Kate's to see who else has met the challenge.


Kate said...

Great week, especially since you had a kids birthday party in there. Those do take some recovery time!

Sounds like you have a plan for your sewing room. Good luck getting it all implemented.

Kris said...

You are so organised Amanda! Can I suggest that you donate the old sewing magazines to op shops too? I never used to donate magazines, but when my daughter and her husband were both students an op shop magazine would cheer her up no end and inspire her for very little money. Just a thought. That way your old mags can go on inspiring people! I am hoping to have a clear out here too. It may take me all year though I think!

Lorraine said...

I got rid of all my magazines when I moved three years ago......I don't buy them anymore.......love having a good clean out in the. Sewing room....always find loads of things I had forgotten about!