22 January 2013

15 Minute Challenge

Where did that week go.  There were a couple of finishes this week.

Squid had the whip out she wanted a new pencil case for school, there were a few design requests that made it a little bit difficult but in the end it turned out ok.  She wanted plastic to protect the fabric on the inside, which meant I had to sleep on how I was going to do it.  By Thursday I had it all nutted out and was able to make a start Friday night with a supervisor watching the proceeding.

Thursday I gave the cot quilt to my nail girl, and she was so appreciative and loved it to bits.  I even got a late night thank you text, she must have been feeding the little man.

The weekend saw me get on with Soul Searching and I finished my final block and stitched it all together.  I got it in my head to hand quilt it, because I wanted a soft finished.  I am using silk batting, which is a dream to stitch through and cotton voile on the back the finish quilt will have an amazing drape.  Wonder how long it will take to finish.

That should keep me pretty quiet over the next few weeks anyway.

Head on over to Kate's to see who else met the challenge.


Kate said...

Beautiful finishes! You had a really productive week.

Leanne said...

The speed you move Soul Searching will be finished in no time. Lots of good finishes. Don't you love going to bed making something in your head.

thea said...

Soul searching is beautiful. the quilting will be amazing I'm sure.

Sue SA said...

Love love love the big multi coloured quilt! Very jazzy pencil case and cute baby quilt, you have been very very busy!

Pip said...

Soul Searching looks beautiful, good idea to only make six blocks, I wish I had thought of that.