13 January 2013

Favourite Things Friday - well Sunday

I'm a bit late, I was having trouble deciding what to include as my first FTF and the return to work obviously didn't help have my head together.  But this morning during my tea making ritual I decided that my Favourite Think Friday would be T2 and all the wonderful teas that I have so far discovered there.

I can get to the SA shop quite easily from work, and have already done a couple of quick jaunts during my lunch break.  The week after Xmas I took the family in tow to check it out as my sister had given me a T2 voucher.   Maestro is always one for taste testing so he had a good time sampling all the various jugs of come and try beverages.  I think I could easily spend a small fortune on all the tea paraphernalia let alone the tea.

T2 also featured heaving in my Xmas present I purchased a ice tea jug box set, the jug is a permanent fixture in  my fridge with a brew of Pumping Pomegranate which is just so refreshing on a hot day.

My favourite tea by far is the French Earl Grey it is now my go to tea... think I am going to have to upgrade the size of the tin.  But still the  Girlie Grey and the Creme Brûlée aren't bad either.  

T2 is my favourite think head to Mrs P to see what everyone else's favourites are today.


Mistea said...

Ooh delicious - I love the smell of the T2 store.
Great favourite.

Lisa said...

Yum! I love T2 and every time I am in Melbourne I buy myself a treat or two from there. My current fav. is Melbourne Breakfast, and my all time fav. is Vanilla Sencha. I haven't really gotten into ice teas, maybe you will inspire me!

Kate said...

T2 seems to be only available in Australia. It sounds like a wonderful place.

thea said...

Sounds absolutely lovely!

Leanne said...

Nothing like a nice cuppa. I must make some ice tea and put in the fridge.

Shay said...

I completely understand the love !

I did some major monetary damage last time I was there . They have such wonderful things.I mix chocolate chip and toffee together...YUM!