22 February 2013

Favourite Things Friday

Ok this one is a bit weird but my favourite thing for weeks now has been this ever decreasing ball of pearl cotton.  The picture is probably at a point when it was past its cuteness, but once I got passed the bit when the cardboard fell out of the top I've been admiring its petite perfection.  Very sad I know, but it also means I have done lots and lots of quilting and my quilting is almost at an end. I think I am going to have to start on a new ball soon because there isn't much left now I might even get to have another perfect small ball to admire again.

Head to Mrs P who is loving the weekends at the moment and the thrill of starting something new.  


Kate said...

It's always fun to find something that show us how much we've actually done. It's so easy to look at the expanse of fabric and think, have I really made any progress.

thea said...

Sometimes it's the small things that are the best ..

Leanne said...

It's always the small things. Have I seen that quilt?

Shay said...

Yep -I'm with Kate . What you;re really loving about that very small and cute ball of Perle is that it represents huge progress on one of your projects. And that is a favourite of mine too!

Is that Amy Butler fabric in the background?