13 November 2013

No Phone and No Internet

We are having phone trouble again in fact we do not have a functioning phone line at the moment and no internet, to say I am super sick of Telstra would have to be the understatement of the Century. ETA for fixing it is the end of the Month. My kids are struggling to do homework and its really hard when you run an online business. If you place an order for a PDF pattern I will do my upmost to deliver however there may be a bit of a delay in the delivery.


Shay said...

I know someone at Pooraka that was having internet and phone issues yesterday and someone at Golden Grove too ....I'd be seriously peeved if I didnt have internet and phone for that long. Fingers crossed Telstra gets their act together for you !

Kate said...

End of the month? I'd be super sick of my service company as well. Hopefully they will get it fixed much sooner than that.