03 July 2014

Photo Bombing Birds

The stars were aligned, the quilt was finished and today's forecast was for sun.  Adelaide has been in gloom for 2 weeks.  Today was the day for a photo shoot.... I just had a problem or two with the local wild life.

First there was this waterfowl who got in on the act.  Then this Murray Magpie walked straight over the quilt with me less than 2 feet away.  Just glad he didn't decide to christen the quilt on the way over.

I then headed to the beach but it was blowing a gale and the shots there really weren't that good.

Project 1 is all finished and has been sent to Quilt Fabric Delight headquarters to get ready for Xmas in July which is only a few short weeks away.

I'm hoping to put the final 2 projects together over the weekend.  Maestro is out with an ankle injury but I think we are required to head to footy on Sunday but we only have to go in one direction for tennis on Saturday if it isn't cancelled because of rain.


Shay said...

Cheeky birds ! Wishing you luck with those two other finishes . Im in for a busy weekend of sewing myself . Lets compare notes Sunday!

Kate said...

Why is it with kids and wildlife that they are never where they are supposed to be when you want them and then there when you don't?

Good luck with your last two projects. Hope Maestro's ankle injury isn't too bad. Drama Teen, ignored her parents words of wisdom and didn't use sunscreen on her legs (they've never burned before was her thinking) before she went on a 2 hour hike with Dad. She's so badly burned she can't walk. I'm hoping she's better today.