28 July 2014

Xmas in July Has Begun.

Xmas in July at Quilt Fabric Delight's is up and running.  It started on Friday with a lovely project by Amanda Herring from The Quilted Fish.

And today it's my turn.  With this project for some Xmas Tree Ornies.

These are super quick to make and of course you don't have to use bright fabric they would be perfect in more muted christmas colours.  Great for Xmas Swaps and to put on your gifts instead of a label.  

I have to admit I am a little nervous but well prepared for teaching my first beginners class tomorrow evening.  I have written lots of notes for newbie quilters and I am really looking forward to welcoming a new group into the wonderful craft.  On the weekend I pieced ⅔ of a class sample quilt to help show the girls how to put it all together in week 4.  

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