03 August 2014

Another Busy Week and Weekend has passed us by

Had a great time teaching my first beginners class this week.  As it was the first time I have taught it I wanted to make sure that all those vital bits of general info that you don't get from a Youtube video got passed on to my students.  Like rotary cutter safety, the right way to look after your equipment and other general bits of info about the wonderful world of patchwork and quilting.  I admit at first I was a bit nervous but soon got into the swing of things.

I really should be getting my stuff ready for Tuesday night, but I think I will leave it till tomorrow night to get myself all together.  I actually just feel like sitting and stitching tonight.

It was back to full time kids sport this weekend with a chunk of both Saturday and Sunday taken up with watching the kids play.  Squid played a couple of really good games of tennis and her team won every one of their matches.   I think all coaching over Winter is paying off and she is growing in confidence. What was great was that she came from 0-3 down to win 6-4.

Maestro's footy team has really struggled this year and they have only won 1 match all year and most of the other matches have been mercy rule.  They are also struggling with players as some have dropped out.  There were no subs this week and Maestro played with a recovering sore shoulder, he'd hurt his hamstring at tennis and managed to get kicked in the ankle during the game, but he had to stay on.  The coach sent him to the forward lines for a rest, but 5 minutes later he was working his way down to the back lines.  To their credit the boys didn't once look like giving up and played out the game and tried right to the end.  All I can say is the ice packs have been well used this weekend.  There is only 3 weeks of the season left and it can't come to soon.

Time to finish up now, have to give DH a hair cut then I'm sitting down with another cuppa (T2's limited edition brew Chunky Chocolate mmm)  and some appliqué stitching for the bottom border of my quilt.


Shay said...

Way to go Squid...You’re kicking butt! And Maestro’s footy team sound like real champions getting out there week after weekend giving it a go .

I knew you would survive the class experience . You worry too much. It’s OK I have enough faith in your ability for both of us.

Kate said...

Hope this week's class was as fun as last week's class.

Congrats to Squid, sounds like she's figuring it all out. Poor Maestro, he sounds like he's been badly abused. Hopefully he's recovered a bit. Wish him good luck with those the last 2 weeks of the season.