26 June 2014

A Cancellation

I got a text message this morning and my remedial massage was cancelled due to Lucy being sick, which on one hand was good it freed up an extra hour, but I really needed the massage.  Probably going to need it more next week after stitching most of the afternoon and plan to quilt a quilt on the weekend.

The quilt top I was waiting for fabric for is now finished.  Just needs a good press, might baste it tomorrow night and get started on the quilting.  The draft pattern is nearly finished just got to type up some changes and send it off to my proofing guru.  Then pray for sunshine to do a photo shoot.  Sneak peak is all you get though.

I am slogging away at Project No 3 there is a few more night's of hand stitching in that one.

My sugar free change is going well I'm not craving sugary stuff and haven't caved to it at all which for me is amazing.  Squid is being pretty darn good.  She had a party on the weekend and I let her indulge in some lollies and she did bring home some chocolate cake but couldn't eat more than a couple of bites because it was too sickly so I count that as a victory.  The men in the house are boycotting the sugar free as much as they can.  But I haven't bought ice-cream in weeks which is killing my hubby.  I've basically told him to suck it up as we all can't weigh the same as we did in high school like he does.  I've allowed him to have a few goodies on the side and Maestro as well but they are not to eat them in front of squid.    

Picked up the Pete Evans, Healthy Every Day Cookbook today.     He follows a Paleo diet, which is sugar free so I will be doing some reading tonight and there is a desert section.  Though so far haven't found a desert that the sugar nuts are happy with.  


Shay said...

Thats a very small sneak peek Amanda. However from what I can see it looks pretty! Thank goodness your fabric finally arrived !

I think boys need sugar – its one of the things that keeps them going. I must confess to being more of savoury girl myself but there are times when I hit the sugar hard (like every morning in my coffee)

Kate said...

Looking forward to seeing your latest project. The sneak peak is very tantalizing.

I don't think I could function without a bit of sugar here and there, but I do try hard not to overdo it. Hope your success on that front continues.