05 June 2014

Topsy Turvey Week

Its been a bit of a mixed bag this week.  The boss sprang a trip on me last week and kinda wanted me to switch my day off as he prefers someone in the office if he is away.  Now that I work 4 days a week I don't like messing up my one day off because I usually have appointments lined up weeks and months in advanced.  I did have the car booked in for some work but decided after thinking about it over the weekend and saw the workload for the week to swap Thursday for Tuesday as long as I could go in late (as work owed me a couple of hours that wasn't a biggy).

The only problem with it is I have just lost the whole feel for what day it is.  I woke up on Wednesday convinced it was Friday, then the slow dawning that it was only hump day.  Today doesn't feel like a Thursday at all.  To top it off the kids have been sick Maestro yesterday and today Squid had to go to MIL as I had to work. We have a plumbing problem brewing.. but DH will probably stay home with Squid tomorrow so that might get taken care of before the long weekend.

On Tuesday, I food shopped and then cooked most of the day.  I am trying to go sugar free and trying to get the family to do it as well which is proving difficult.  DH is such a sweet tooth and he keeps asking where's desert which defeats the whole process.  I figure if all they get is the no sugar alternatives they will eventually join the party or starve.  They have liked some of the things I have been cooking.  Like this:  Coco Nutty Granola and the no sugar LCM bars I have been making.  I'm hooked on Macadamia nut paste.  Also tried my hand at home made cream cheese which was a success.... but my mayo was a flop (I'm blaming the food processor  and come to the conclusion it is a dud).  Might have to do some more research into making mayo.

Also need to do some more research into where to get coconut flakes the ones I used in the Granola were pretty pricey I could only get the organic variety from a Health Food shop as the duopoly (Coles and Woolies) only had desiccated and shredded varieties and no flakes and I had to be really careful about what coconut I purchased from them because a lot of the packets had added sugar.

That's the week that was.  The beginners sampler is all wash and drying under a heater vent and there has been a little progress on the appliqué borders.... hopefully I will get to do some more on the weekend.  Catch you next time.


Shay said...

Im not sure I could go sugar free but Im full of admiration for your sugar free alternatives and cooking efforts.

I hate changing my day off - it completely mucks up my schedule. Sometimes I wake up and think it's Saturday and when it isnt I have this crushing feeling of disappointment.

PatchworkRose said...

Coconut flakes from goodies and grains in the market. Think Foodland at Henley beach might have them too in the loose section.
My son went sugar free for 12 months and it made a huge difference to his health. Now it is sugar in moderation My DH is a sugar fiend too and it would be impossible to convert!

Pip said...

I always get confused when we've had a long weekend, I think that Tuesday is Monday. I've been toying with the idea of going sugar-free or at the very least cut back sugar drastically, can't believe how many things have sugar added to them, my DH has quite a sweet tooth as well although he has managed to eliminate sugar in his cups of tea (but not coffee) so some progress at least :)

As Patchwork Rose said Goodies and Grains in Central Market and also the other other health food shop has a good variety of things in their loose section.

Kate said...

Sugar free would not fly in this household at all. Sounds like you've made a good go of it.

It's rare that I have to work weekends, but business trips mess me up in terms of remembering what day it is.

Hope the Squid and Maestro feel better soon.