21 September 2014


How's the sampler going? haven't had any questions so far so I'm hoping you are all finding the instruction clear. make sure you send links or email photos to share.

Both dh and I are still very flat from this bug we have been battling, it's seems as soon as I do a bit too much I feel terrible again, today was one of those days.   Squid has come down with a sore throat as well. At least next week is the last week of term, so we can all have a break from running around so much.

I have managed to make up my steps for steptember, and am just under the 10000 average a day.  I've been walking late afternoon, so I can stay in bed a bit longer in the morning and avoid the cold air, I'm going to try for a couple of long walks this weekend to get ahead. This blog post has taken a couple of day so I can tell you yesterday I walked 16.5k so my average should be good this week.

It's birthday season here and Maestro has been invited to a couple of girls parties over the last few weeks.  Parties have been strictly all male affairs up until this year but I guess that changes from now on.   he's having his party on afl grand final day, not everyone will be interested in the footy so there will have to be a few other activities planned.  DH usually has pin the something on something, (there is never a donkey involved) and a few other party games lined up.   I would have thought they would be getting too old for the party games but apparently not according to maestro because that's the best bit.

The appliqué quilt is moving along and I am up to the leaves on the last appliqué border.  I am thinking about adding some more bits to the bottom corners, it just looks a bit bare in spots.  Then I can start working on the final pieced border.  Squid has her eye on this quilt but I'm thinking of making it into a pattern which means it will be off limits to her for a while.  Though I still have a few difficulties in getting it ready as an epattern to overcome before I finalise that decision.

Quite often I find myself buying patterns by other designers just to see how they put their patterns together.   I have to tell you most of the time I'm disappointed with how it is all presented apart from the cover so maybe I am over thinking it all.

Catch you next time.


Jennifer Price said...

Amanda, We have at the same struggles here, trying to exercise while a summer cold lingers. I love your appliqué work, someday I hope to spend the time it takes to make things that look as good as yours. I love the 'chocolate marshmallow' name, it is a good way to experience sweets while trying to avoid sweets if you know what I mean.

Shay said...

My first sampler block is on the list for this week and don’t worry I’ll be emailing you if I hit a snag. Im sure if I do , that it wont be your instructions that are the problem!

Your appliqué quilt is looking very beautiful. I think the more instructions in a pattern – the better. Maybe its a case of other pattern writers underthinking their pattern writing rather than you overthinking yours?

Pip said...

I took a look at the photo of the applique quilt on FB and I agree it does seem a bit bare in the corners, it might need an extra flower of another piece of curving stem and leaves and flowers to fill it up a little bit.

I've found a lot of patterns assume you know how to do something or don't have enough photos to go with the instructions.

Leanne said...

Well done on the 16 k in a day. Good luck on the pattern writing it is the hardest part of the process I'm sure most people don't appreciate how hard it is.
Hope the dreaded lurgy leaves you soon. I had to smile mixed parties you have it all in front of you LOL.

Larri said...

Hoping you're feeling better today.
I read through the block instructions, and it all seems doable. Hoping I would have sewing time before now. Alas, life is currently in progress. Fingers-crossed for this weekend!

I find applique fascinating, and yours is just beautiful. As for the patterns, I'm all for detail. The more, the better. You're not overthinking it, just paying attention to the details. Happy Sewing and Stepping! :)

Kate said...

I'm waiting on some brown fabric before I start the sampler. I don't have much brown in the stash.