01 September 2014

Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler

Inspired by my Beginners Class and thinking about what they might do next I have decided to embark on a Mystery Sampler Quilt running over 6 months.  Each month I plan to give instructions for 2 blocks for the Sampler. 

The Sampler will be called Chocolate Marshmallow as I am choosing a pink and brown colour scheme.  You of course can choose whichever colours you like.  Mine is going to be pretty scrappy and I will use fabrics only from my stash however you may choose to purchase fabrics specifically for the project.  

All blocks are 12" finished.  You will need approximately 16 fat quarters or 4m/yards of fabric, with a good mixture of light, medium and dark values.

Step by Step Instruction for the blocks will be available for free for 1 month and will be replaced by new instructions on the 15th of each month (Aussie time).  If you come to the party late instructions for previous blocks will be available at my etsy shop as and instant download for $3AU per month (2 blocks).

I plan to sash my blocks for a finished quilt size of 48" x 63" (121cm x 160cm) and I will probably want to add a border as well.  If you decide just to make the blocks the finished size will be 36"x 48" (91cm x 121cm).  Remember to allow extra fabric for borders and sashing (1m or 1 1/8yard for sashing) and at least 6 strips of your chosen border size for the border.    

Block designs will not be released in advanced and will only be revealed once the instructions have gone up though you may get a peak if you follow me on social media.      

Join me on my facebook page and instagram.

I still have a couple of technical issues to work out but they will all be sorted by the 15th of September so come back and join the fun.  You can see up on my menu bar I have a tab for the Sampler that will be where you can find all the details and download the blocks on the 15th.


Shay said...

I’m in! I’ve wanted to do a sampler for ages ...and this sounds like a lot of fun!

Pip said...

I need to start another project like I need a hole in the head :) as Shay said it sounds like fun, and it isn't a very big quilt really, and I could use fabrics from my stash, it sounds a bit like I'm talking myself into this :)

Kate said...

I've always wanted to make a pink and brown quilt. I don't really need another project, but I do like samplers. I'm probably in.

Larri said...

I'm thinking I'm in, too. I have a set of green fat quarters in lights to darks that might work for this. Son#1 wants an "All Green, All Solids" quilt. Perhaps this will be the way to accomplish it for him. I think I'm like Pip and have talked myself into this, too. :)