13 December 2014

Bit of a Mixed Bag

The day job is winding down for the year and for the first time in about 3 years I am nearly up to date and have started archiving files (which I haven't had enough time to finish for about 3 years).  I'm half way through 2 years worth and then will have to go back and do the files due to be archived this year.

Friday I am heading to Melbourne for the annual Xmas Party and shopping spree though I don't think there will be much shopping, my Xmas shopping is pretty much all done so I might not shop at all apart from a detour to L'uccello and maybe do a tourist thing on Saturday before flying home.

While the day job is winding down, Seabreeze Quilts is ramping up.  I've just finished first draft of this months Choccy blocks.... OMG how late is that will edit it tomorrow ready to go up on the week on Monday.  I have interrupted putting the quilt together to do another sampler quilt which I will be teaching at Patchwork by Sea next year .  These lessons will follow straight on from the beginners class and will give the them a chance to move straight onto another set of blocks and learn a few more techniques and hone the skills they have just learnt.

Classes will be on a Tuesday night in term 1, 2 and 3.  If you know anyone interested in learning Patchwork you know where to send them.  

There are 2 more blocks to go and then I can work on putting it together and quilted and hopefully get it to the shop in early January to help advertise the classes.  Loving the way just changing the way the units are put together changes the whole look of the block.  

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Kate said...

Very fun sampler blocks, love the fabrics you are using. The 15th is Monday? I guess I need to finish last month's blocks ASAP!