15 December 2014

Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler Blocks 7 & 8

How are the blocks going?  I've been busy working on a new sampler to teach next year.  That quilt top is nearly finished and I'll post picture in a couple of days.

I hope to get back to putting Choccy Sampler together soon but you can't see that for a couple of months yet.  However, now you are a little bit closer because today I am unveiling blocks 7 and 8 so there are on four more to go after this.

We are doing some more connector corners this month and using that nifty method of creating pinwheel blocks again that I showed you in month 2.


Shay said...

I know I’m behind but I’m going to knock off Blocks 5 and 6 today , and then get these two lovely blocks done early next week . Time has just flown by this last month!!!!

Kate said...

I like these two. Like Shay, I'm behind. Block 5 is made, block 6 isn't even cut out yet. Hopefully I'll get to that one plus the 2 new ones next week when I'm off work.