04 December 2014

15 Minute Challenge End of Month Report

The last 15 days have been more successful sewing wise for me and I have managed far more than my 15 minutes.

For the 3rd week of the month I hand quilted till my fingers bled (well not quite) while my sewing machine was getting a service.  It was good to just sit and sew every night watching the TV.

Week 4 saw me getting reacquainted with my sewing machine, can't get over how much quieter it is now its had a service.  All my sampler blocks are completed so now all I have to do is write up the patterns for the final 3 months.

Once that was done I picked up my Metro Twist Blocks which were cut ready to stitch and on the weekend pieced and squared up the individual pieces.  The quilt top is now finished but that is probably for the next report as I finished it on the 2nd.

If you want a specialty ruler you really need to try the Quick Curved Ruler, especially if you love curved quilt patterns.  Have to say they have been my weakness for years.  There are loads of patterns and you can purchase them for instant download which is great for Aussies and the blog is full of great variations and other peoples work to get inspiration.  There are about 3 more quilts that I want to try right now but I just don't have the time.  I know quite a few Aussie shops are stocking the ruler now and some of the patterns.


I'll be teaching Beginners at Patchwork by Sea again next year,  and I will also be providing a follow on class which I will be working the project for during the holidays.  At the moment the title of the Class is Beginners Skill Builder Sampler and will run for 3 weeks straight after the beginners class finishes.

Ideally you would attend the beginners class first and then do the follow on class (unless you were in my beginners class this year then just wait for the skill builder or do the beginners class again which a few of them were keen to do :).  In the beginners class I teach how to get a basic quilt together from start to finish, the skill builder class concentrate on piecing more complicated blocks.

If you know someone who would love to learn the basics and/or a bit more have them contact the shop and put their name down.  Classes start the 2nd week of the school term (first week of February).


Kate said...

Sounds like you got lots done the end of the month. I'm not doing much better in December than I did in November, but there's been holiday stuff to do. Hope can keep your streak going in December.

thea said...

You certainly had a productive end of November!